Yoga for Healthy Feet

Whether you are a total beginner, casual drop-in, or an experienced yogi, there are very many benefits to practising yoga.

Some of its renowned benefits include better breathing, stress relief, improved balance and flexibility, relaxation, and its ability to relieve foot pain.

Did you know that you can take part in yoga to help you prevent foot and legs pain? It’s true. Although many health experts would not recommend yoga as a treatment for any kind of foot problem, it is a proven fact that incorporating it in your weekly routines can help prevent foot and ankle injuries.

It can also promote healthy feet as well as enhance your recovery period from painful-feet related conditions.

Improved Feet Circulation

Blood is the main conduit used by the body to deliver nutrients and oxygen to needy cells, fight infections as well as filter out body waste. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you have proper circulation throughout your body.

Nonetheless, it is not possible for your lower extremities to receive the same level of blood as the other core body areas. For individuals suffering from diabetes and obesity, circulation to the feet could be lower.

Yoga makes for a good and safe method of ensuring that blood gets pumped to the toes and feet. It helps to enhance the circulatory health system by ensuring that all cells get to receive sufficient nutrients.

Compared to high-impact exercises such as running, there is a very low risk of accidentally injuring your feet.

For this particular reason, it is not unheard of for a podiatrist to recommend yoga for people with peripheral neuropathy or diabetes. As a commitment to healthy living and eating, participating in yoga helps reduce the risk of developing serious foot conditions.

However, it is important that any person suffering from foot ulcers or open wounds refrain from taking part in yoga until they have consulted with an ankle and foot specialist.

Better Balance

Body balance is like any other skill. With continued practice, you should start to improve within no time. But note that failure to practice also means that the skill will start to decline quickly.

What this means is that you need to either use it or risk losing it altogether.

But the bad news is that many people opt to lose it rather than using it. Studies indicate that one out of every four people in the US above the age of sixty-five will fall at some point this year. Individuals over eighty years are at an increased risk.

This is saddening news as it only takes one serious fall to injure yourself. Falls are considered to be the leading cause of hospitalizations and fatal injuries among the senior and elderly citizens.

What’s more worrying is the fact that not all senior citizens are able to make a full recovery after a fall. Yoga for healthy feet is going to be a great option when it comes to helping restore balance and good postures.

Relief from Foot Pain

There are very many painful feet conditions in existence today. Many such conditions come about when the soft tissues in the foot become inflamed or too tight. Great examples of painful feet conditions include Achilles tendinitis and Plantar fasciitis.

For these conditions, stretching the tight ligaments, tendons, and tight muscles are among the recommended home care treatment solutions. Yoga for feet pain helps ensure that the tissues get to remain limber and loose. If you keep up with the exercises, yoga can help prevent the next bout of feet pain.


If you regularly suffer from chronic ankle pain, weakness, or foot pain, you should definitely consider incorporating yoga into your everyday workout routine. It will help you strengthen the tendons and muscles located in your feet.

Contributed by Delan Cooper

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