Eyes Are The Portal To Your Soul: Take Care Of Them

We all love living and enjoying each moment with our loved ones. We humans as an individual are blessed with something unique which makes us unique from other living creatures and that is our eyes. Human Intelligence is without a doubt the most dominating factor in the rise of the human race, but our ability to see the things around us clearly is the unique thing. What we have achieved over a period of years is because of our intelligence and vision. Now, when we talk about our eyes it is one of the most important and one of the main sensory organs of any human being. Eyes open up a vista of beautiful surrounding we have in our world and makes us feel alive. But on the contrary to its importance, it is one of the most neglected parts of our body. If simply ask us a question about the last eye check-up, we had, then we all will not remember anything, why? Because we don’t care for that much and that’s the dangerous thing. Following are some of the points which explain the importance of eye tests for an individual.

Long Gap Between Your Last Eye Test:

We all have visited eye specialist at least once in our lifetime. But was it with our own will? No, the first time we must have visited is when we were kids and our parents used to take us to take care of our health. But does we do the same now, most probably no. We don’t take eye tests seriously and that is the main problem. Regular eye test makes sure that your eyes are in perfect sync with all the bodily processes and in case we need some treatment it can be taken cared off properly. One should stop the habit of visiting an eye specialist only when are facing some serious problem in our eyes and instead visit them regularly.

Helps in Detecting Symptoms:

Many times, it happens in our life that the doctor finds out about a potentially dangerous disease only after diagnosing some symptoms for the same in some other parts. Regular eye tests can help you out in detecting symptoms of some diseases which can help you out in starting the treatment for the same immediately. It simply helps an individual to know what is wrong with them and thus it gives a head start to start the curing process. Eye test taken in particular intervals can help you out in keeping your eyes healthy. Health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. can be detected with regular eye check-ups. Sometimes slow changes in eye health can lead to unperceived alterations of reality. It is only with regular check-ups that these can be detected. 


With age, our eye muscles start to deteriorate and eye sight condition such as presbyopia can affect your eyes. Regular eye test helps you out in having a complete idea about your eyes and it helps you in taking necessary precautionary actions for the same. It is better to have check-ups rather than waiting for something big to happen. Let’s face it, it is your eyes we are talking about and no one wants to have regrets like we had time, but we didn’t have a check-up.

Saves You Money:

Having regular eye test can seem like expenditure, but in the long run it more like an insurance policy which helps you out in knowing the situation before it is getting worse. We all know the fact what medical conditions can lead us to and we also know that it digs a big hole in our pocket. Having your eye tested in particular intervals can help you out in saving a lot of money as you will know about the potential problem before it is getting started.

Contributed by Alyssa Moylan

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