Meditation Inspired by Gaia Orion’s Favorite Tree

I am so pleased to be able to share Gaia Orion‘s works with you. I find them inspiring. They generate interesting images, thought and feelings in my mind. Here is my first meditation:

FAVORITE TREE: This majestic elm was one of the highlights of the long winding road to go home…

It is the coldest part of winter.

The wind burns my face during my walk.

The path in the woods is buried in snow and sometimes icy.

The magnificent trees along the trail are bare,

Bare of life, their voices quieted.

Summer far behind  and far ahead.

Standing bare, they are but bones.

I can see the stress of time making them lean this way or that.

I can feel their structural strength or weakness.

Wiped of their foliage, the young and old are easily discerned.

The woodpecker has made of mess of this one versus that one.

No pretensions, I see who they are

Their cold honest truth,

Their essence patiently waiting for the summer far ahead.

It is in the depths of our winters where we see our truths

and find our essence in waiting for the summer.

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