Spa Trends for 2016 from Las Vegas

With more than 42 million annual visitors, Las Vegas regularly reinvents itself better than any destination around the globe. So what does 2016 have in store for spa trends?

Tech Spa

Technology-driven treatments continue to become more significant in the spa landscape. Look for LED and tech-savvy treatments in 2016 to focus more on skin protection and maintenance via cell therapy and machine-based techniques, targeting the younger generation. Jane Cox, Director of The Spa & Salon at ARIA, is excited about introducing an LED bed for full body treatments that will aid in anti-aging, toning, brightening and cell preservation and renewal.

LED technology currently is utilized for repair and anti-aging treatments like ARIA’s Advanced Hydrafacial, which utilizes special equipment and LED-light therapy for vitamin massages and collagen masks. Spa Mandalay also integrates LED into its anti-aging treatments as well as micro-current technology to stimulate, lift and tone facial muscles for an immediate youthful appearance. Overall, ARIA will continue to incorporate LED light treatments and machines into facial services as well as expand its offerings for stem cell treatments and stronger serums.


Total Wellness

Expect to see an increase in wellness offerings that encompass the body, mind and spirit. This will be accomplished through physical touch, exercise, diet and meditation, with spa programs marrying treatment and relaxation into a total wellness experience. For instance, Cox encourages guests to use the Ganbanyoku heated stone beds to improve circulation, Shio Salt Room for improved upper respiratory health, and heated outdoor pool for water therapy before and after sessions to enhance the benefits of their treatments – a unique alternative to typical steam rooms and saunas.

According to Spa Bellagio’s Director of Operations Tammi Furce, wellness from within also will be a focal point of this trend with treatments heavy on cellular restoration and deep stretching, such as Spa Bellagio’s Watsu and AquaStretch therapies – the only treatments of their kind on The Strip. Guests also can take advantage of Bellagio’s Next Level Wellness Sessions, which include personalized experiences tailored to their specific physical, health and wellness goals.  


Social Spa

The spa doesn’t just have to be about the individual experience. According to Cox, ARIA has noted a rise in group spa experiences such as birthday parties, bachelorettes and friend getaways. Cox also has seen spa treatments offered as part of corporate events, special events and at golf courses. Furce echoes the same sentiment as Spa Bellagio will look to introduce more group fitness classes with options for spa treatments afterward for recovery and relaxation.

Taking the spa outside the traditional arena and supplanting it in a social setting will be prevalent in 2016 as well, with most hotels now offering poolside massages and treatments for both individuals and large groups.

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