Exploring Christianity and Eastern philosophy, to enrich the Christian faith experience

John and Holly Shobris are a married couple interested in the many denominations of the Christian faith, while holding a special affinity for Eastern Christianity. “We do not see a contradiction between Christianity and the Eastern vision of spirituality and meditative practice,” Shobris said. “We see them as complementary, one enriching the insights of the other.”

In Christian Meditation, the Shobris invite readers to explore a spiritual blending of Eastern and Western philosophy, using the inner orientation of the East to deepen an appreciation of the Christian faith. “The East’s emphasis on the inner experience of consciousness helps the reader go beyond theological concepts and embrace Christianity as a profound encounter with their own consciousness,” Shobris said. “We wish to show how Eastern philosophy can deepen the Christian faith without abandoning it.” 

The book breaks away from the Western tendency to minimize the mental, psychological, and spiritual dimension of our existence. It emphasizes that nothing can meaningfully exist apart from consciousness. Even if we were to contemplate a world without any consciousness, this contemplation requires consciousness. Therefore, consciousness is primary. The content of consciousness, which includes sensations, perceptions, thoughts, and emotions, is not primary. Consciousness-in-itself is primary. Consciousness-in-itself is the forgotten backdrop to everything we consider real. It is this foundational truth that is the basis of much of Eastern philosophy, a philosophical tradition that has the potential to significantly enrich the Western Christian experience.

The book explores the insight Eastern philosophy offers Christianity without abandoning the Christian faith. It uses the theology of Eastern Christianity to help bridge the philosophical/theological chasm between Eastern religions and Western Christian theology. It challenges some of our philosophical assumptions and explores new ways of imagining our relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is at the center of the Christian faith, making it most important to “correctly” interpreting the meaning of his life and resurrection. Christian meditation is ultimately about meditating on Christ and the new vision of reality he offers.

Christian Meditation is available for purchase online at Amazon.com.

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