Travel Tips and Tricks That Will Benefit Your Health

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People travel for different reasons. Some people travel to wind up after a long stressful period. Others do it to attend to business or family needs. Traveling in itself is a fantastic adventure for many people, but it can also be stressful and detrimental to our health when we are constantly on the go. Below are the tips and tricks that will help you stay healthy on the road.


Many people forget this vital routine while traveling. The fact that people are far away from their gym doesn’t make it any easier. Dedicate at least five to 15 minutes every morning to do stretch exercise before starting your day of adventure. Stretch your muscles; legs, arms, neck, and back, then do a few sit-ups for your tummy. The refreshment that follows will feel invigorating because your muscle tone and blood flow will improve. It’s easy to sneak in these simple neck and shoulder stretches throughout the day when you take those occasional bathroom and lunch breaks in the course of the journey. Don’t forget to stretch before bedtime for relaxed muscles and a better night’s sleep.

Get a hotel with a fitness center and purchase a temporary membership for the duration of your stay at that location. If that’s not possible, you can always work out in your room. Do push ups, yoga poses, and jump-backs. Most people use YouTube videos when they run out of creativity.

Hydrate and reduce alcohol intake

Carry a water bottle with you at all times. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated at all times. Staying hydrated while on a journey is of utmost importance. Staying hydrated will improve your digestion, blood flow, heart rate and will aid in flushing out solutes from your kidneys. Alcohol and non-alcoholic sweet drinks are loaded with sucrose which contains a lot of calories. Keep your calorie count and sugar intake low by avoiding alcohol and sweetened beverages and drinking water instead. Alcohol will also disrupt your sleep. If you can’t avoid alcohol because you are on your vacation, consume it in moderation.

Pack all the required items

Remember to counter check your to-carry list when packing for your journey. Don’t forget your emergency medicines and over-the-counter drugs if applicable. Ensure all your toiletries are packed. If you are going camping, ensure to carry the required tools, clothing, blankets, and an RV mattress for elevated comfort. These items at the back of your trailer will ensure that you have a memorable and comfortable camping experience with sufficient sleep. Don’t forget to service your truck to avoid getting stuck, hungry, and dehydrated out there.

Eat healthy foods

People tend to over-consume junk foods when traveling and on vacation because junk food is easily accessible. Don’t lose your guard on your healthy eating habits while traveling. Order vegetables alongside those carbs and proteins and ensure to eat a lot of fruits. Don’t forget to carry your multi-vitamins to supplement your meals because essential vitamins may be insufficient in the meals that you take when traveling. Again, take plenty of water after every meal to aid your digestion.

Protect your skin

Protect your skin from harmful radiation by wearing sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15. Reapply the sunscreen every three hours if possible. If you are visiting an area infested with insects like mosquitoes, be sure to wear insect repellents to prevent yourself from insect bites. In case you’re visiting mosquito-infested regions, don’t forget to take WHO-recommended prophylactic drugs for malaria.

Carry wet naps and hand sanitizer

During your travels, you get to meet and shake hands with many people. A hand sanitizer will come in handy in eradicating the germs and thus breaking the cycle of infection. This helps travelers avoid diseases such as diarrhea, flu, and COVID19. Wet naps also help clean the hands and accumulate dust and sweat on the face. After touching all the dirty surfaces and greeting strangers, don’t forget to sanitize your hands.


Plan your travel, depart early, carry your meds, eat healthy, hydrate your body and exercise consistently and at regular intervals. If correctly adhered to, all these tips will benefit your health, and your body will thank you.

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