The Peace Room: Recharge Your Mind

with Catherine Hull

The first new moon of the year is significant. It symbolizes the beginning of the year cycle. I attended a crystal bowl sound bath and meditation at The Peace Room, a newly opened meditation studio in downtown Ottawa. I highly recommend this space for a multi-sensory experience that will renew your spirit.

When I teach yoga, I allow time for meditation both at the beginning and end of the sessions. It is a time to check-in and to ground yourself between the asana practices.

The birth of The Peace Room has come from a decade of researching,and  experimenting. Co-owners Catherine Hull, Chelsea Boisonneault and Jean-Luc Boisonneault came up with the concept through helping people achieve optimal health.  Their conclusion: “Even if we eat healthy and exercise regularly – unless we learn to calm our mind and get back to our inner self, we will never attain optimal health.”

They observed that people were killing themselves from overthinking. Their answer is meditation because it is an all encompassing tool that provides inner peace and balance to life – allowing to cope better with anxiety, depression, and anger.

Their studio on Sparks St in downtown Ottawa, across from the CBC studios, is oriented towards the busy worker. They offer classes that are quick and effective that people can stick to. There are 20 minute and 40 minute classes with projected imagery, sound healing frequencies, aromatherapy and guidance from a teacher to induce meditation in the easiest way possible. Everything is there, mats and props to keep you comfortable. You can come into the studio in “work” clothes, sit and meditate without sweating or changing.

When I attended with my Sweetheart for the New Moon meditation, it was packed. There were 50 people in the room. Mats are closer together than in yoga class because there is no movement involved. When I entered the studio, I found it bright and welcoming. There are spaces for people to relax, chat, and have a cup of tea, while overlooking Sparks St.

I entered the meditation space through a wonderful gate.

The meditation space is perfectly designed for the experience. I settled down for our one hour crystal bowl sound bath and meditation. It was really interesting to feel the sound waves generated by the bowls wash over me directly; then another wash of reflected sound from either walls in the room.

Kristine Karpinski (Kris) of expertly weaved her sound experience with all her various instruments. It stimulated many thoughts and feelings in my meditation. In the end, I found an intention for 2019 to inspire me forward. So did my Sweetheart.

For the founders: “Meditation allows you to discover who you are and your place in this world. Through meditation you will realize and eventually acknowledge your inner power that has the ability to transform the world. In other words, meditation gives you not only inner insight but also the power for expansive change. We are happy to provide you with the container for that change to take place. ”

The Peace Room is a great place to release, re-boot, and calm down during or after a busy day.

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