Designing a Water Yoga Studio

Every yoga class is a unique emotional journey which brings us closer to our inner selves and helps us regain our internal peace, and water yoga can make this experience even more special and fulfilling. Therefore, we have prepared a list of some useful advice on how to design your water yoga studio and thus nurture this amazing type of exercise which is beneficial to both our body and mind.

Develop a colour scheme

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In order to create a pleasant atmosphere in your yoga studio, you should put together an inviting colour scheme. Furthermore, you have to make sure that the colours you choose are in complete harmony since they should have a calming effect and make your visitors relaxed. For example, you can go for earthy tones since they are pleasing to the eye and evoke nature, which is known to have a soothing effect on our nerves.

Make your studio spacious

When choosing a place for your yoga studio, go for a spacious one since there is nothing worse than exercising in a small overcrowded space which makes you feel claustrophobic. Additionally, make sure that there is enough daylight since it has a positive impact on our motivation. Also, natural light is vital to our health. Unlike artificial lighting, natural daylight is not only beneficial for our eyesight, but also gives the much-needed energy boost.

Install the right pool

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Water yoga has numerous benefits and can help you stay in shape. Thanks to the weightless properties of water, exercising in it has no impact on our joints, so there is no danger of hurting your knees or ankles. Additionally, water will help you stay balanced, allowing you to try out some amazing aqua yoga poses. Therefore, it’s highly advisable that your studio pool is built specifically for yoga exercising purposes. This way, the trend of exercising water yoga won’t depend on available water surfaces in the vicinity and it will help more people stay in tune with their inner selves. Finally, we advise you to go for fibreglass swimming pools which are less susceptible to rust and mildew and are much easier to clean. With such a pool, your visitors will be fully content and will certainly return after their first visit.

Create a pleasant smell in your studio

Another important thing to consider is the fragrance of your studio. You should keep in mind that many people are very sensitive to strong scents, so you should do your best to strike a perfect balance and make your studio smell nice. For example, you can go for plug-in scent refills since they are not too strong and create a pleasant atmosphere which is crucial if you want everybody to relax and truly enjoy themselves. Diffused essential oils are also excellent.

Include enough bathrooms and dressing rooms

Finally, if you want your water yoga studio to be truly professional, make sure to include enough dressing rooms and bathrooms so that visitors can feel comfortable and don’t need to wait in line. These dressing rooms don’t have to be too spacious if you’re short on space, but they must have lockers and benches where people can sit while changing their clothes and footwear. Furthermore, keep in mind that your showers and toilets have to meet ADA specifications about appropriate accessibility no matter whether you have students with disabilities enrolled or not.

As you can see, designing your own water yoga studio is not hard at all. You just need to keep your visitors’ needs in mind and think about all the ways in which you can help them achieve a Zen state of mind and stay in good shape.

Contributing Author: Faith McGregor is a writer, home decorator and a healthy lifestyle enthusiast. As a mother, she is teaching her child the art of respecting life.

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