Where savasana meets stained glass – Sacred Space Event Series

Photo Credit: Ryan Wolff / insta @bohonomad

Amid stained glass windows, gothic style architecture and ornately carved wooden pews, the worlds of yoga, meditation and live new age piano converged to bring forth a truly unique, powerful and inclusive event series to Toronto. The Sacred Space event series is a powerful merging of invigorating yoga, connective meditation and soulful live piano that creates an opportunity to empower bodies, minds and souls.

Beneath the tall arched ceilings international yoga and movement teacher Miranda Leeann led her signature Flow plus Glow yoga for 45-minutes, followed by a guided 30-minute connective and expansive meditation by self awareness and meditation coach Anna Gala.

New Age composer and pianist Arash Behzadi flowed with the collective energy to intuitively play and improvise with the yoga and meditation practices on the Mets grand piano. “I’m connecting with the yoga enthusiasts in real time, adjusting my pace and intensity according to the energy I’m getting from them,” says Behzadi. “You could say I’m meditating along with them. I’m not playing notes or songs; I’m evoking emotions.”

“The Sacred Space experience is something you have to attend to understand – we each came into the space and had our own unique experience,” says Leeann. “To witnessed the shift from when the attendees arrived and left is something I can’t put into words.”

“The music evoked energy that was beyond the physical into more of a vibrational experience that allowed us to expand beyond the physical body,” says Gala.

“I felt that the piano gave more meaning to the yoga practice. It was magical,” says Megan
Mallakin, one of the participants. “It was so moving I felt like crying.”

The first Sacred Space Sunrise Edition event was a attended by 30 participants in the same
cathedral on the morning of Saturday July 15th. The Moonrise Edition will happen on July 24, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.

Behzadi is an up and coming New Age pianist/composer who has performed at Toronto’s Pan
Am Games, in Dubai and festivals in Bali. Leeann is an international yoga and acro yoga
teacher with 20 years of experience rooted in numerous lineages of movement arts. Gala is a
self awareness and meditation coach dedicated to making positive impacts on as many people as she can. For more information on them visit http://www.arashbehzadi.com, ww.acrobuddhas.com and http://www.sitwithanna.com.

Tickets for Sacred Space: Moonrise Edition are $40 each, available at http://www.eventbrite.com.
Location: The Metropolitan United Church at 56 Queen St. East.

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