For the Love of Food and Yoga

For the Love of Food and Yoga is a gorgeous collection of both easy to make vegetarian dishes and inspiring yoga lessons all set with breath taking pictures of the 1000 Islands area of Northern New York. The layout is set up so to give us “YogiBites” – small amounts of each recipes and teachings. I am grateful to have met the authors Liza and Kristen to appreciate their beautiful selves.


It was on my trip to the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel in Clayton, NY where, one could say, Good Karma allowed me to meet the authors of For the Love of Food and Yoga, Liz Price-Kellogg and Kristen Taylor. During my visit to the hotel, I offered to teach a yoga class to my fellow travelers. The hotel graciously gave us a room to practice in and mentioned that there were a couple of authors in the village that they would arrange for me to meet. As it turns out, the book was on my desk for review.

The morning of the class Liz and Kristen showed up at 8:00 am to participate. I was thrilled to have them with me. I appreciated their positive energy and enthusiasm, and stories on putting this book together. I also got my book autographed.

With Liz and Kristen after a yoga practice
With Liz and Kristen after a yoga practice

The book has 100 original, soul-satiating recipes that are vegetarian, vegan or raw. Instructions are clear and I find all the recipes easy to make. Each recipe has an accompanying picture to inspire you. For example, find below the photo for the tasty Vegetable Pita.

Adventurous Vegetable Pita

There are also 100 yoga lessons scattered in the book. Both ocean going and “laker” boats stream up and down the St. Lawrence Seaway near Clayton. It is iconic, in this area, to have one of these ships in the background. Here is one of Liz in Advanced Extended Side Angle Pose with one.

Advanced Extended Side Angle Pose

Liz and Kristen have looked to pairing the meals with the lessons. On one page you find the recipe for Sweet Potato Burrito Boats and one the next there is Kristen performing Boat Pose.

Sweet Potato Burrito Boats

Boat Pose (Navasana)

For the Love of Food and Yoga is a fabulous layout celebrating mindful eating and being.  The practice of yoga goes beyond the physical practice on the mat. Yoga becomes a lifestyle where you carefully choose what and how you eat to promote good health. A continual journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.

Liz and Kristen invite you to learn and celebrate your practice and meals. “The recipes and teachings outlined in the book should be used with modifications and variations to fit where you are in your life or your practice,” they say in the intro. They acknowledge that journeys are not perfect. They invite you to “bless your mess.”



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