Book Review: Start Where You Are

START WHERE YOU ARE: A Journal for Self-Exploration is created by self-taught artist Meera Lee Patel . She believes that to transform ourselves, we need to start NOW, start anywhere, to move ourselves forward. No act of creation is too small.

9780399174827 (1)

Ms Lee Patel’s book is a full-colored, passion-inspiring journal designed to nurture creativity, explore inner thoughts, and help us focus on what matters most. Her whimsical colorful art and inspirational quotes activate our brains to help break old thought patterns and imagine a better future.

Each page invites you to explore your inner self… and see your self imposed boundaries and unfulfilled dreams. When it comes to introspection, to be truly valuable, it takes time to reflect. It is tempting to give top of mind answers to the deep questions asked.

However, I believe that the best way to approach the book is when you are prepared to meditate on the questions; when you mind is calm and ready to accept the challenge of the question. This book should take you a while to complete to be really valuable in your inner transformation.

By accessing various creative acts such as writing, drawing, and chart-making, you exercise your mental health, inner peace, and move your life forward. This book is made so that you take time to create something that directly helps increase your self-awareness and introspection… and make you feel more alive.

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