Locate the Source of Your Distressing Emotions and Remove Painful Blockages in New Spiritual Guidebook

‘The Voiceless Soul’ by Kelly Tallaksen prepares readers with the necessary insight to begin their healing journeys and live in alignment with their divine truth.

As a transpersonal hypnotist specializing in past life regression, inner child bonding and soul level healing, Kelly Tallaksen has worked with many clients whose earliest memories of being unwanted, unworthy and unlovable began as early as in the womb. Now, she has released “The Voiceless Soul: How to Express and Release Deep Fears of Unworthiness,” a powerful and transformative book that facilitates profound spiritual growth and self-discovery by demonstrating how to uncover and heal wounds that are embedded deep within the soul.

Tallaksen walks readers through the soul’s conception from a divine source of love to its subsequent journey on Earth, using client vignettes and personal stories to paint a vivid portrait of how human experiences—unresolved generational trauma, rejection or lack of nurturance from caregivers and other situations that resulted in debilitating feelings—imprint on the soul. As the soul becomes overwhelmed with negative energy, it disconnects from the spiritual heart, falls into the unworthiness trap and develops a fear-based survival instinct that is self-perpetuating.

Gentle and encouraging, “The Voiceless Soul” equips readers with the tools to connect to the wounded inner child, face their most painful and traumatic experiences, find empathy and forgiveness for those that hurt them and, ultimately, begin to heal and create a fulfilling life. The book also provides extensive education around emotional trauma, and readers will feel empowered to engage in the self-work necessary to break inherited cycles and shift the collective energy toward a place of healing.

“My book is about a world in emotional crisis,” said Tallaksen. “We have not been spiritually supported at the beginning phases of life, causing us to disconnect from divine truths and live mostly in survival consciousness. Through understanding the connection between the human experience and the soul, people can come back into alignment and the truth of who they are as spiritual beings.”

“Kelly provides brilliant insight to the real cause and healing of our deep-seated feelings of unworthiness,” said Janice Imbrogno, MS, CFCS. “Through real life stories and researched backed theories, Kelly guides the reader on a self- awareness and self-healing path that starts before birth. You will be amazed at what you will become aware of and then learn to release and heal. This book takes you on an amazing journey.”

“This book creates an in-depth and insightful understanding of how trauma is passed on from the wounded soul of our ancestors to our souls and so on and so forth,” said Lynn Goldstein, LCSW. “This creates a new pathway to heal yourself and forgive the unhealed inner child of those who hurt you and those who have hurt them as we are all stuck in the same unworthiness trap. Quite profound!”

“The Voiceless Soul: How to Express and Release Deep Fears of Unworthiness”
By Kelly Tallaksen
ISBN: 9781982260316 (softcover); 9781982260293 (hardcover); 9781982260309 (electronic)
Available from AmazonBarnes & Noble and Balboa Press

About the author
Kelly Tallaksen is a board-certified transpersonal hypnotist specializing in healing the burdens of the soul. In addition to running her own practice, “Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis,” she is a National Guild of Hypnotists hypnosis instructor and teaches advanced hypnosis courses including age regression, parts healing and integration, ancestral healing, soul level healing (shadow work), past life regression and the after-life journey. Tallaksen is also trained in HeartMath, holistic psychology, Ho’oponopono, relationship coaching and higher mind healing. She is the author of “Healing Our Unhealed Parts” and a contributing blogger for Natural News, Prevent Disease, PsychCentral, The Elephant Journal and Wake Up World. She lives in Levittown, NY.

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