Canadian Tech Startup Makes Mental Health Accessible 24/7!

The Journal That Talks Back™ is an accessible coaching service for young professionals and post-secondary school students. (CNW Group/The Journal That Talks Back™)

Most of us think we know what coaching, counselling and therapy can be like: expensive, weekly sessions that last an hour or less and may or may not feel productive. Live on October 4th, 2021, The Journal That Talks Back aims to challenge perceptions about coaching and counseling services, and what they can be.

Toronto-based startup The Journal That Talks Back™ offers unlimited online support to users by restructuring coaching sessions as an ongoing two-way journaling experience. Members journal about their challenges, goals and aspirations, and certified coaches reply in near-real time, offering ongoing guided support. Unlike traditional ‘help’ options, certified coach responders reply quickly — in under 24 hours — via a private and secure online portal, built in-house specifically for this application. Additionally, TJTTB™ coaches are trained to address not just traditional mental wellness concerns, but address challenges related to career decisions, finances, parenting, relationships, and education.

“The issue with traditional coaching, counselling and therapy sessions is that you can’t schedule a mental health breakdown,” says Jonathan Friedman, co-founder of The Journal That Talks Back™. “We provide accessible, 24/7 coaching services for people from all walks of life — no matter what they’re going through.”

Accessibility is a major factor for The Journal That Talks Back™, and informs every aspect of the service, including cost. The Pay It Forward Fund uses five dollars from each monthly subscription toward providing free services for those who cannot traditionally afford coaching, counselling or therapy. “Cost is an enormous barrier to the accessibility of mental wellness services, and it’s something we’re committed to helping our users overcome,” says Friedman. “Whether you’re a longtime mental health service user or new to the process, we don’t want a subscription price to exclude anyone from getting the help they deserve.”

The Journal That Talks Back™ is launching at a critical time for mental health awareness globally. After combating the most arduous phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new phase of social anxiety is developing around return-to-work policies, social distancing restrictions, vaccinations and more. Live on October 4, 2021, The Journal That Talks Back™ aims to help those struggling through this uniquely challenging time.

About The Journal That Talks Back™
The Journal That Talks Back™ is an accessible journaling and coaching app aimed at providing near-24/7 support for online members across the globe. Users are paired with a certified coach responder who is trained to address difficulties in all areas of life — from mental wellness concerns to financial struggles to personal goals and aspirations. Follow us on LinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitter and TikTok, or visit our website for more information.

SOURCE The Journal That Talks Back™

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