Teeth straightening Canadian start-up, Sequence32, launches web site and telehealth platform

Sequence32, an oral care company offering direct-to-consumer teeth straightening solutions, announces the launch of its web site and telehealth platform. (CNW Group/Sequence32 Inc)

Sequence32, an oral healthcare company, founded by tech entrepreneurs Jeremy Sebbag & Steve Perez, announced the launch of their new telehealth platform. Sequence32 simplifies teeth straightening in a safe and convenient way for a fraction of the cost of traditional orthodontics.

Teeth misalignment impacts an estimated 60% of the global population. However, the high cost of dental treatments and time-consuming appointments have become a barrier to orthodontic care. Sequence32 actively responds to this challenge by revolutionizing the dental care world. With its direct-to-consumer telehealth model, an affordable option for orthodontic care is now readily available.  

“We are thrilled to launch our medtech platform Sequence32,” said Jeremy Sebbag, Co-founder at Sequence32. “We’ve undertaken thorough research and development this past year, which has yielded the highest quality clear aligner solution on the market. We are delighted with the results of our customers and how it improves their lives in so many ways.”  

How does Sequence32 work?

It is a streamlined process that starts by ordering an impression kit online. Consumers take impressions of their teeth at home and send them to Sequence32 for analysis. A personalized dentist-directed treatment plan is created, and custom clear aligners are sent to the consumer’s home. All cases are thoroughly followed by a dedicated dentist from beginning to end.  

“This is an exciting time for our company as we launch the Sequence32 clear aligner system, which was conceived with the belief that everyone deserves premium and convenient options to orthodontic care at an affordable cost,” said Steve Perez, Co-founder at Sequence32. “The Sequence32 teeth straightening solution is just the first of many telehealth solutions. We plan to expand globally and offer other affordable direct-to-consumer medical devices.”

The Sequence32 teeth straightening solution is now available.

Visit sequence32.com

About Sequence32

Sequence32 is a web-based oral care company that has developed a revolutionary direct-to-consumer telehealth platform. Sequence32 facilitates teeth straightening in a convenient, safe, and effective manner at a fraction of the cost of traditional orthodontics. The company’s mission is to provide its customers with the highest quality and most affordable end-to-end solution. The treatment plans, a “sequence” of clear aligners for up to 32 teeth, are created for customers who will fully benefit from it.  Sequence32 was co-founded by a team of skilled entrepreneurs with experience in healthcare, tech and finance. The company is based in Montreal, Canada and was founded in 2019.

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