4 Thoughtful Gifts for Teachers of Any Grade Level

Now that a lot of remote learning has been incorporated into our education system, it is safe to say that we now know that being a teacher is not easy. You can also imagine how a lot of teachers have had to adjust and figure out teaching an entire class through a computer. Teachers have had to ensure that they are continuously able to grab their students’ attention, while still passing important information across. A thoughtful gift to show your appreciation is a great idea to show how meaningful they are in your life. To make sure that the gift you are getting them is something heartfelt, you can choose something that would make their job easier and make them feel nice or a gift that would better their students’ experience.

Here are 4 thoughtful gift ideas for teachers:

1. USB document camera.

Since remote learning became a huge thing, there are a number of devices that a lot of teachers have had to incorporate into their work. One of them is a USB document camera. What it does is it basically acts as an overhead projection that shows students’ papers and books in real-time. It is a great replacement for a classroom blackboard or the old overhead projector. A number of document cameras use video outputs that are able to function fully through computers. They are a great option for going through quizzes, homework, and tests, by helping both students and teachers in building educational structures collaboratively.

2. Cards and gift cards.

A basic handwritten note has a way of making teachers feel extremely special. It shows how deeply you value and appreciate your teachers, and is a more affordable option in situations where you do not have too much to spend. You can get as creative as you want with this, and even top it off with a simple DIY gift. Teachers feel really appreciated getting thankful notes from parents as well, as it proves that their job is not going unnoticed. You can add a gift card as a way of thanking teachers as well. A lot of people think a glamorous gift is a great way of showing love to teachers, but a simple gift card to a restaurant, a movie theater, or even your local grocery store is a great alternative. With this, they are able to do or purchase something that they actually want and need. They can even buy supplies for school like eraser pens that end up being quite costly. 

3. Service Awards

Another great way of showing teachers how you truly appreciate their work is through awards. These days, service awards do not necessarily have to come from an organization. A service award from an awards store is able to recognize a teacher’s role in their students’ lives over an extended period of time. They are also a great option as teachers will be able to display them on their desks in school or in their homes, which will remind them of how deeply you value their work and efforts and do not take them for granted.

4. An office chair

We know that teachers spend a lot of their time seated while answering emails, grading papers, or during virtual meetings. You might find that many of their chairs have gone through a lot of wear and tear, and end up doing more harm than good to their backs and lower hip areas. A great gift idea would be a nice sturdy ergonomic chair to assist them as they go about their duties in the classroom. This could be a group effort, where multiple students and parents chip in so that everyone feels included and nobody has to break their bank for the gift. Details such as getting it in their favorite colors would make them extremely happy.


Whether you are a parent, student, or just a friend, you now have an idea of thoughtful gifts to show a teacher how much you truly appreciate the work they do. You will also see that you do not have to go over your credit card limit just to prove that you acknowledge how much they mean to you. There really is no way of going wrong with gift-giving when you follow these tips. 

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