Make Your Bathroom Safe and Senior Friendly with Non-Slip Mats

Bathroom with accessories to help with washing and using the toilet. Bathroom in a care home in England

If you have some old family members living alone, you know that there are 24/7 risks of getting harmed or injured. From the lack of proper vision to poor hand-eye coordination skills, there are various disadvantages around them throughout the day.

But the worst possible ones would be regarding bathroom visits as such places are always slippery. You cannot have a bathroom without one drop of water on its floor. Not to forget, these only increases risk to their life.

But when you get the non-slippage bath mats, you can reduce their chances of having an unwarranted mishap during their timely bathroom visits.

Not only these mats come in various designs but they also are effective in maintaining safe flooring for your old loved ones while using the bathroom.

Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Mats

Bath mats choices have come a long way as you can find many vibrant and anti-bacterial choices in this product. The Gorilla grip mats are completely transparent, allowing the user to have a look at the water spillage remaining in the bathroom.

These mats also come with proper holes throughout the mat to allow the free flow of water to avoid algae-growth. Hence these thick mats can keep away dirt accumulation while maintaining free water flow under it.

These are also non-toxic and latex-free, making it a safe option for those sensitive to smell. Being completely odorless also makes it a perfect choice for elderly buyers.

Anti-Slip Machine Washable Mats

Rubber designer bath mats options possess a strong characteristic, i.e. anti-slippage. With proper suction-cup on the lower half, these mats are the coolest option available online. 

These mats are also machine proof, i.e. it can be cleaned or washed in washing machines. Being bacteria resistant, the mats are washable without any high chances of infection spread giving ample time to your grandparents to wash it after days of using it and not washing it after everyday use.  

These mats also do not allow soap residues to build up and create a slippery surface, which at times dangerous for elder folks.

Turquoise blue bath mat on a tiled bathroom floor with the bottom of the door

Microfiber Bathroom Mat

These designer bath mats come with anti-skid backing making it quite useful for the elder folks.

The soft rug surface can help the elderly people from not letting the feet absorb water from the mat, which also makes them comfortable in walking on them.

This option also comes with a variety of color choices making it a favourite product for quirky bathroom ideas. Additionally, the anti-skid benefit also makes it a safe option for the children at home who live with their grandparents.

After wash, the microfiber bathroom mat can dry up quickly even after going for the machine-cleaning.

Non-Slip Mats with Drain Hole

It is quite natural to find everyday used products from online stores. Hence, when you are checking out a website for bath mats online, try looking for the non-slip options with drain holes.

These mats come with a drain hole in the middle to remove excess water from the surface that gets retained after drying off the feet.

The suction cups underneath help to avoid slippage if there’s too much water beneath, making it an older-folks-safe option.

And if your loved one has a latex allergy; these would be the perfect choice of mats as it is a latex-free build.

So, when you are window-shopping on a designer bath mats online store, make sure to check out these options for your older loved one’s convenience. These mats can help out those living by themselves during their senior years, without fearing falls and accidents daily.

 Contributed by Alyssa Moylan

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