Discover Your Own Personal Guidance System with This New Book

Do you feel stuck? Is life just not satisfying? Is it time to make a change? Take this quiz and find out!

  1. Do you find yourself facing challenge after challenge while trying to accomplish your goals?
  2. Does the same problem/situation keep occurring?
  3. Is there a passion you have that keeps getting put on the back burner?
  4. Do you feel as if you are “just surviving” or “settling” in life? Have you found yourself wondering, “Is this all there is?”
  5. Do you keep telling yourself that “you’re happy,” “content” or something else, yet you know these statements are not true?
  6. Do you envy other people’s lives? Wishing yours was like them?
  7. Does your environment feel toxic? Are you being constantly criticized or is there an excessive amount of negativity?
  8. Do you find that you often compare yourself with others and ultimately believe they can do it better? Do you often see the negatives in life? The challenges?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions it may be time to make a change.

Making a change can be hard even when you’re unhappy. The reluctance to make a change is often based on fear of some sort. Fear can paralyze you making it difficult to change. How often have you looked at something in a logical fashion, listing the pros and cons of the situation, and found that it would make sense to make a change? However, fear took over so you ignored the situation and stayed in the same status quo. Does this ring a bell?

You may also feel as if you are alone and do not have any help, so you choose not to change.

What if you knew that nothing would go wrong and the end result would be a fulfilled and joyous life, would you make the change? Would you pursue it or would you stay in your unhappy situation?

I’m sure you would make the change. It is possible to have the same confidence in making a change without the guarantees. You might ask “just exactly how can that happen?”

Well, it happens by understanding that you have help, always have and always will. Did you know that each person has personal guidance that is unique to them? My book, Your Personal Guidance System: Unlock the door to the Universe and Experience the Magic, introduces you to your own unique guidance system and helps you understand what it is and in what manner it communicates to you. Once you discover its’ language and gain experience in working with your guidance, you can be confident that you have the help that is needed to make any change that you would like.

Many of us have been unaware of this incredible guidance. Or we simply don’t understand how to work with it. In this book, you’ll learn how to recognize your guidance and see the ways it has already assisted you. Then you’ll learn the basics of working with it. Many exercises are included to help you recognize and build a relationship with your guidance. In doing so, you can acquire the confidence and trust you need in making your life changes.

Your Personal Guidance System helps you recognize when there is a need for change and assists you in making those changes by learning to work with your guidance. Once you understand and see how it has benefited you, your trust in your personal guidance system will grow, transforming your perspective of life. Gaining confidence and peace of mind ensues, while eliminating your fear and worries.

This book helps you:

  1. Recognize that you have guidance and help every day of your life. The things we have attributed to coincidence will soon be recognized as the assistance that you are given. From the smallest thing such as receiving a smile when you are down to that special person entering your life.
  2. Learn the language of your guidance. By understanding how it speaks and guides you, makes it easy to move forward in your life. Did you know that events, dreams, feelings, people, articles are just a few of the ways your guidance can communicate with you?
  3. Then you’ll learn how to work with your guidance. Understanding the manner in which you communicate with your guidance and the steps that are important in your relationship. Having a vision of what you want, focusing on it, asking for help, and taking action are basic steps in working with your guidance.

These are some of the basics in working with your own unique guidance.

Your Personal Guidance System also addresses the stumbling blocks that can happen in communicating and working you’re your guidance. For example, you may have a preconceived idea of how your vision should happen. You are focused on each and every detail believing it cannot change if you are to reach a specific outcome. In doing this, you may be creating a situation where your help is stifled, as it is difficult for you to hear the messages that your guidance may be giving you to do things a bit differently.

Remember that any time you are working on a goal, there are many twists and turns that come with it. These twists and turns are often necessary and also part of your guidance ensuring that you reach the best outcome for you.

Building a relationship with your own personal guidance system, will help you in all aspects of your life. What do you have to lose?


Joan Spencer has lived a varied life, from working as a CPA and president of a multi-million dollar school to practicing Chinese medicine. Through following her personal guidance system, she was drawn towards Chinese medicine. She received her Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Arizona School of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Spencer wrote “Your Personal Guidance System” to help readers create soul satisfying lives. Currently, the author resides in Cornville, Arizona, where she spends time with her horses and works in the healing field. To learn more, visit

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