Five Benefits of Compound Exercises and Movements

In a world where twenty-four hours isn’t enough time in the day, multitasking is necessary to keep up with demands. It’s no surprise that multi-tasking can also help you get more accomplished in the gym. In the gym, multi-tasking is known as compounding exercises. This is where you perform exercises that engage more than one muscle group at a time giving you a more intense workout in a shorter period of time.

Compound exercises are popular. Many trainers use compound exercises to get the maximum workout possible out of a short personal training session. Personal training isn’t the only time compound exercises are performed. You can join bootcamp sessions that combine different types of exercise. Compound exercises may even be done in a fitness challenge or competition. This type of exercise is popular because of the many benefits that it has.

Benefits of Compound Exercises

1. Compound exercises help you to burn more calories.

Compound exercises cause you to move more, work harder, and expel more energy. In essence, burning calories is the measurement of how much energy you use. This means that compound exercises help you to burn more calories in a shorter period of time that isolation exercises.

2. You will also burn more fat while doing compound exercises.

Simply put, the more energy you use, the more fat you burn and, as explained in number one, you use more energy doing compound exercises. This is especially true if you happen to be on the Keto diet. On this diet, the body pulls energy from fat rather than glucose, so doing compound exercises while on this diet will make you a fat-burning machine.

3. You will save yourself some time in the gym.

Some people may have hours to divulge in the gym and work on getting the perfect body, but if you are a person that has a limited amount of time to workout, then compound exercises can help you to workout every muscle group without having to do one exercise for each group. This allows you to get the benefits of a full body workout in a short amount of time, even as short as a lunch break.

4. Compound exercises builds and improves coordination.

Since you will have multiple muscle groups working in tandem, you will be training yourself in coordination. Muscle memory will help to improve the way your muscles work together which can come in handy during certain activities. This is especially helpful for athletes in competitive sports such as gymnastics, surfing, or motocross.

5. The functioning of your cardiovascular system is improved with compound exercises.

By now most people know that you have to get your heart rate to a certain level in order for your cardiovascular system to benefit from exercise and compound exercises does that efficiently. Because you are working out so many of your muscles at once, compound exercises easily get your blood flowing and your heart rate has to increase to keep up with demand.


Any type of exercise is good exercise, but sometimes you need to get the maximum benefit from your efforts. Compound exercises do this for you efficiently. You get a great, total body workout with all the benefits described above. No matter if you are exercising for self, stretching, competition, a fitness challenge, or any other reason, compound exercises can help you reach your goals faster.

Contributed by Delan Cooper

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