2017 Yoga Pose of Year

The Yoga Journal tags  Savasana to close out the year and officially dubbing it 2017’s most necessary “Pose of the Year.” They cited their choice because this year was a tough one for natural disasters, political unrest, gun violence, and more. They recommend that sometimes the only thing to do is break out of the flow, slow down, and go inward.

“While there are many different schools of asana practice, most, if not all, classes end in Savasana, Corpse Pose. This shape invites us to surrender deeply, to relax fully, and to allow for the benefits of the movement practice to take root and rise. As well, Savasana reminds us that everything is temporary, including our very lives. Realizing the precious, precarious nature of existence is the ultimate invitation to life.”— YJ Influencer Lauren Taus

For January 1, 2018, take some time to be in Savasana, contemplate the year 2017 was and visualize what 2018 can be. Rise up and be re-energized from your internal motivation and have a great new year!


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