Breath: An Imaginary Nest

As day moves along, I choose to stimulate a relationship of ease within me. An imaginary nest forms my comfort; soft fibers weave a nest of personal compassion. These fibers form from my intentional awareness of how I am with me. It is the simplicity of being present during as many moments as I can. My tool is my breath.


There were years during which I maintained focus on my physical pain, worries and anxieties. That was harsh. Relief from such a lifestyle came from persistent use of breath, which changed my difficult manner into a feeling of consistent ease of being.

When I consciously breathe, time flows with a pleasant harmony. I enjoy feeling my inhalation open and align me, then, a soft exhale centers me. In this way, I establish a nest of aware consciousness.

Feeling at ease doesn’t weaken my abilities; rather, my potential is enhanced. Memories, pensive emotions or pain have the capacity to snag my escape into the luxurious ease of my floating nest. Conscious breath releases tension, my body relaxes and continues to release me into feeling at ease.

Breath opens our boundless reality. From my imaginary nest, each aware breath grows my patience and self trust. These subtle fibers of my personal nest encourage additional fibers of confidence and appropriate humor to appear.

At times, I feel like a spry little bird intuitively moving with the opportunity for a compassionate response. Chuckling with pleasure, I enjoy a long breath – breath caresses the extension of my body, my back, ribs, neck, head, feet, toes, finger tips, all of me shares the sensation of intentional loving presence throughout me. I enjoy each breath regardless of length, capacity or any attribute. All breath is delightful.

When there is time for a rest, imaginary colors add texture to my breath – brilliant white, golden white, soothing blue, spring greens, lively pink and currents of violet passion, each brightens my nest’s subtle environment. Blending the attributes of breath, light and harmonious colors amplifies my vibrational clarity and integrity.

I may linger with this pleasure, letting breath tune my responsive nature. As I move on, my elevated ease empowers how I choose to be with others and myself. Ease prospers my abilities and all of my life. I feel love and compassion flow in and around me.

Whether walking, driving or sitting, this enhanced self-relationship balances me.

Conscious attention allows me to be compassionately active through breath’s guiding pleasure.

My imaginary nest comforts and guides me. It lovingly forms my personal environment, guiding my thoughts and actions towards quality fulfillment.

About the Author

Pain and cancer set and kept John W. Cardano on a quest toward health. He is also the author of two nature-focused picture books designed to relax and inspire readers, “Natural Relations” and “Little Wild Horse Canyon.” His newest book, “The Fabric of Health,” shares his story of reliving chronic pain with alternative health solutions. For more information, visit

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