3 Misconceptions About Meditation

Do you have friends that love to meditate and recommend you to try too? Then, you’re not alone. Nowadays meditation is popular all around the world and its practitioners drastically grow every day.


But What Does it Mean to Meditate?
It’s a thoughtful action that helps to better understand yourself and you surrounding.
Scholars suggest that meditation started about 5000 years ago in Tibet and in the 20th century came into western countries as scientist told citizens more about benefits of meditation. And with amazing discoveries, year after year meditation became famous in all countries.

Yet, even today there are many misconceptions about meditation which stop people from starting this beneficial practice.

If You Want to Know The Truth About Meditation, Then Read on!

1- You Must to Sit!
The first misconception is that most starters think that when you meditate, you must to sit in a specific pose and do nothing. But meditation isn’t the same as sitting!
There are many different ways how you can practice meditation. Dancing, exercising, reading, listening to music and even cleaning your home is a meditation if you do it with…Mindfulness. It’s because meditation is not about what you do but about how you do!
The key of meditation is that you start to better understand why you do and think about things that are in your head. It helps to realize what you do wrong, where you could improve and most importantly what makes you happy.

2- Your Head Needs to be Empty
The second misconception people believe is that when you meditate, it’s necessary to think about nothing. It’s a lie! Different meditation techniques encourage different variations. For example, some methods require you to concentrate on a specific subject for as long and deeply as you can to create the power of attraction which helps to achieve your goals.
As today we have many meditation practitioners and modern technologies, we can better understanding how meditation influences our lives. And a great thing is that hundreds of scientific studies show amazing meditations benefits to humans despite age, gender or cultural and religious beliefs.

For example, in India, there is a prison in which criminals can take meditation classes. If they decide to do so and complete a full course, the government allows them to become free a few years sooner. You may think that prisoners do it just to get out ASAP. But when they reclaim their freedom, they are already different people together with a different attitude about what they seek to do in their lives.

3- Meditation Requires Lots of Time
One more thing why people don’t meditate is because they think that it requires too much time. But meditation shouldn’t take too long and especially if you do it for the first time. What I want to say is that even as little as 1 minute meditation is effective. Remember, it’s not about time, but about quality! Everything you need to do is to better understand yourself. If you see good qualities, then keep them! If you see bad qualities, then you should think about what you could change. And you always have the power to change.

meditation 2

Vaidas Grivacauskas is a professional content strategist who loves to write about health and fitness. You can find his writings on many websites because he helps to attract more traffic by creating and improving content.  He’s happy to hear from new people

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