Eat Tomato Products to Prevent Prostate Cancer Mortality

Prostate Cancer is not nice. I can tell you from personal experience. Now I was lucky as it was caught early. Some of my buddies in the support group are not. They have to be constantly vigilant. One natural answer to help prevent occurrence, recurrence  and mortality from prostate cancer may be eating tomato products.


It is well known that men who eat over ten servings of tomatoes per week may have an 18% reduced risk for prostate cancer. However there is limited evidence for an association between consumption of lycopene and tomato products and prostate-cancer specific mortality (PCSM).

A new study examined the associations of pre- and post-diagnosis dietary lycopene and tomato product intake with PCSM in a large prospective population. The analysis included men diagnosed with nonmetastatic prostate cancer.

Pre-diagnosis dietary data, collected at baseline, were available for 8,898 men, of whom 526 died of prostate cancer. Post-diagnosis dietary data, collected on follow-up surveys, were available for 5,643 men, of whom 363 died of prostate cancer. 

The big finding was that among men with high-risk cancers (T3-T4, or Gleason score 8-10, or nodal involvement), consistently reporting lycopene intake ≥ median on both post-diagnosis surveys was associated with lower mortality compared to consistently reporting intake < median.

So eat up those tomatoes guys.

Source: International Journal of Cancer

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