Thai-Style Yoga Massage for the Elderly

Aging is a special stage in life that is associated with numerous challenges. It is the diseases that come along with aging such as osteoarthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. The recent studies reveal that the numbers of people aged 65 years, and above is projected to increase from current 12 percent to 14 percent of the world’s population. At the age, senior citizens are in dire need of efficient care by those around them to live a normal and comfortable life.


Thai yoga massage has been widely used for centuries to enable the special age group to live comfortable lives. The origin of Thai yoga massages dates back to over 2000 years ago as an energetic therapy applied for the bodywork. The massage is based upon yoga and Ayurveda practices that were majorly done in temples across Thailand. Over the years, the art and practice have attracted a huge audience and also spread across the world due to its effectiveness in massage therapy.

However, the art and practice of yoga in massaging has been used by many especially in Chiang Mai to create a balanced treatment option to the elderly people who are in need of a compassionate touch due to various problems in their body.

The Thai yoga massage rejuvenation and treatment programs offered have made yoga in Chiangmai to have a wide acclamation from millions globally. The yoga massage services provided enables the elderly to revitalize their bodies, refresh and relax while at the same time rejuvenating their bodies.

There is a variety of massage techniques for the elderly patients offered at various massage joints. The variations in Thai massage techniques enables the therapists to tailor the sessions individually to suit optimally the needs of the elderly since the process across all the ages. For instance, in seniors, the treatment involves performing the massage in a gentle manner with carefully selected manipulative and soft pressure methodologies.

The techniques used in the elderly are normally not invasive and a little bit deeper. The yoga therapist guides the client through various yoga postures while gently palming along the body’s energy lines and points of pressure this is very important since therapists have to be careful not to damage the soft tissues of the elderly patients.

It is thus evident that Thai yoga massage has made it possible for the elderly to enjoy their lives like normal people in their 20s. The techniques applied in these massage techniques are the ideal tools used to eradicate soreness, stiffness, weakness and pains in many parts of the body including legs, shoulders and necks.

A lot of schools have now ventured into offering Thai Yoga massage lessons to interested students. Recent revelations show that a lot of students are steadfastly enrolling for the programs offered on the yoga massage. All of these recent adjustments are due to the lucrative nature of Thai yoga massage that has numerous clients especially the older generation who pay a lot of money for the Thai yoga massage services.

By Tully Rickets, a life long traveler with interests in ethnic food and healthy living. When he’s not blogging about healthy behaviors, he enjoys researching new ideas for his book from many blogs and health related websites.

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