6 Exercises for Summer Flip-Flop Foot and Ankle Pain

Summer is the season of sun, poolside parties and flip flops. But did you know that wearing flip flops actually causes more harm than good?

image001 (1)

When you wear shoes that do not connect to your foot, such as flip- flops, slides, mules and slippers, your lower leg and foot are forced to respond by gripping. In order to keep this “free and easy” footwear on your foot, the “grip” curls some toe bones up and some down. It drives the end of some bones into the ground creating opportunities for a fracture and pushes the ends of some bones up into the top, creating corns and calluses. The shins get tighter through overuse and will hurt after a long outing in flip-flops. Sounds painful right?

Bill Boland, Alignment Guru, Founder and Creator of Body​fix Method™ advises “wear shoes and sandals that connect to your foot and ankle. You will still be free, you will still look good, and you will save your feet, ankles, and back.”

If you are experiencing foot or ankle pain from summer footwear, Bill recommends the following exercise program to remedy the issue.

Foot Exercise


The full instructions are available by downloading this file: BodyFix_Method_Foot__Ankle_Pain-Flip-Flops

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