Book Review: Digging Deep – Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening

Digging Deep – Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening by Fran Sorin is a 10th anniversary edition that continues the journey of using gardening as means of getting in touch with our authentic creative selves. It is through connecting with nature that we find our authentic self and develop the tools to create our own deeply meaningful reality. And like a garden in full bloom, we can live – rich in color, texture, movement, and gloriosity.

Digging Deep

I was recently asked, by our landlord, if my sweetheart and I would like to move to another house on our street. My immediate answer was No – because we could not leave our lovingly tended garden of 10 years. Ever since we’ve been able – we’ve always had a garden to brighten our lives. Every year we change something to experiment with our creation. Because of this – I really agree with the message that Ms Sorin conveys in her book.

It is a common complaint. Living in a fast paced, tumultuous time – we often feel disconnected, lost and scared. Gardening is presented as one tool to reconnect, live mindfully and treat ourselves with kindness and love. It can be the vehicle to embody living creatively.

Ms Sorin presents seven stages of creative awakening through gardening to bring about discovering your inner self.

Imagining to see possibilities. Envision realities that don’t yet exist and map our secret paths not yet charted. We learn to observe, discover, remember, explore and play.

Envisioning to form a picture of the future in our mind. It is in solitude that you can discover your unique style, trust your instincts and set the tone for future.

Planning as the problem-solving element of creativity. In gardening we say it is laying down the bones. We need to see things as they are, identify your true need, listen and experiment, and live with ambiguity.

Taking Action on you plans. It is the one stage that unearths our sense of self because we are what we do. It involves making choices, inviting support, taking risks, preparing, and cultivating patience.

Nuturing is about tending what you have built. It is through constant work, attention that your vision endures. It is at this stage that flow and alignment are experienced. We can look at revising, adding and accepting what is.

Enjoying what you’ve accomplished. Appreciating the work you have completed is an important element with gardening and yoga (savasana). Reverie aligns you with your true nature and makes your heart sing.

Completion of the cycles of life. Celebrate that all aspects of life have beginnings and ends. When it is time to let go of a particular cycle – look within to see what is next for you.

I love that Ms Sorin approaches gardening as a way to create community, abundance, beauty and love. It is a fitting metaphor and tool to navigate the cycles of life.

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