Namastay Away Mosquitoes!

I was at a retreat for our theatre troop this weekend where I led sunrise and sunset yoga sessions. It was a gorgeous Canadian landscape by a lake. The mosquitoes helped us create a new dynamic yoga pose.

You could ask for a more picturesque location. The cottage was situated overlooking a large lake near Lake Ste. Marie surrounded by Canadian Shield pine forest. It is about 1.5 hours drive north of Ottawa, Canada.



We started with breathing exercises while the sun was setting.

Sunset Breathing

Moving on to sun salutations and other poses such as chair pose.

Sunset Chair Lake

The setting sun was catching up with us by the time we got to triangle pose.

Sunset Triangle

and then the mosquitoes came out… it felt like a swarm of armies. The earlier quiet sounds of breathing were now increasingly being interrupted by slaps on skin.

Our peaceful space was now a full out war zone.

Being mindful of our surroundings, I figured that our time was up. Can you imagine a 5 minute savasana in these conditions? A quick bow with “Namaste” and we created a new pose. The White Tail Dear Pose as we high tailed it out of there, retreating into the cottage.

Sunset Prayer


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