Empty Nest garage clearing is like moving a mountain

It was a mess. The garage had to be cleared. Three months after the last child left the house – we felt ready.

My one car garage does not store my car. No, my car sits in the driveway exposed to all the elements. At least that way I don’t need to shovel as much snow in the winter.

My garage is like make other people’s. It is extra storage for your stuff. You end up with so much stuff that it becomes a mangled mess – an insurmountable mountain.

Our last child left the nest and we decided it was time to clear the mess. We were ready. We steeled ourselves at the entrance, knowing too well of the dangers that lie within. If we disturbed the sleeping memories it contained, we feared that we could never achieve our goal… of seeing the floor.

We donned our gloves hoping that they would offer some emotional protection as well as physical. In we went….

Or rather out. Our strategy was simple. Take everything out at once so that we had to deal with it. More than once before we were entrapped with the “Aww look at the picture of (insert name of child here). Weren’t they cute” and never been able to progress through the mountain. So we had to move the mountain.

We immediately began classifying the stuff; books, kids stuff, hazardous waste, tools, lumber, theatre stuff, vintage shop donation and memories that couldn’t be disturbed. At various points our neighbours would inquire “Are you moving?” “Having a garage sale?” – no just moving the mountain.

The temperature climbed to 32 C and we persisted. Suddenly we saw it… the floor. We had succeeded in taking it all out.

I swept the floor of leaves and dirt; rearranged the tools and lumber; stuffed the car with a load for the vintage shop full of kids games and clothes; put kids books in bags to donate to a charity for a cancer hospice, arranged the hazardous waste for delivery, piled the remaining kids stuff for them to go through the next time they come, and a pile of garbage to be picked up.

And we took some time to gaze into our youthful past in pictures. Dreaming of days when the kids were little. I love the dress my Sweetheart wore for our renewal of vows on our 10th anniversary. We put those back on the shelf to keep.

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