Hot Flashes compelled us to up-size our bed!

We couldn’t take it anymore. Neither of us was sleeping well. We up-sized our bed because both of our hot flashes were unbearable!

We’ve been married for over 31 years. For all those years we have slept in a double bed.

I know – it seems incredible. Most people are astonished to hear that we’ve been that long in a double bed. That’s two adults in a bed 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. What can I say, we’ve always been cuddlers.

We’d always laugh when we rented hotel rooms that had King size beds. We only used half the bed.

And so it was for 31 years. Until hot flashes hit.

It was expected with Sweetheart. She hit menopause a few years ago and went through some nasty hot flashes. They certainly calmed down since she’s been on hormone replacement. HRT is a blessing to retaining quality of life. 

What was more a of surprise were my hot flashes. I have been on testosterone replacement for many years. I have a pituitary tumor that shut off my natural production of it. Recently, I’ve been experiencing hot flashes intermittently as well.

You can imagine a scene where I start with a hot flash and throw off my covers which seems to trigger her hot flash. Then I get the chills and put the cover back on and she follow suit. On and off all night long.

That’s it! We reached our wits ends. Off to Costco we trucked and lugged back a Queen size bed on the top of our KIA Rondo.

We immediately removed the old bed – vacuumed up the dust bunnies from under the bed – and installed our new Queen size – 60 inches by 80 inches – bed.

And we slept well that night.

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