Job loss gives space to explore her passion

Today is the last day at work for my Sweetheart. She is one of those affected by the recent Federal Public Service job cuts. It is also the first day on a new adventure in exploring her passion.

Soon after our marriage, Sweetheart became pregnant with our son, Jonathan. She worked at the University of Waterloo library while I was a graduate student. With his birth we shared his care. I was able to stay home during part of the day while she worked. After dinner, I would head out to the lab for the evening conducting experiments. During that time, she sewed the cutest outfits for him.

I started work at Hewlett-Packard and our daughter, Alaina, was born. At this point it made no sense for Sweetheart to continue working. She became a stay-at-home mum. It made even more sense when our second son, Keenan, was born.

Once Keenan was of school age, Sweetheart returned to work. She opened an interior design business. She loved the fabrics and ideas. She ran her business for 5 years until we moved to Ottawa.

In Ottawa she stayed home on the farm. With some of my job transitions, we came under financial stress. She joined the Canadian Federal Public Service ten years ago to help out. She enjoyed the job as far as it went. But it was a job.

What Sweetheart really loves is costume design. She has contributed countless and tireless hours to designing and creating costumes for at least 20 musical theatre productions. She will coordinate the tailored construction of 100 costumes for a show! It is her passion.

King & I
Beauty and the Beast

In April, the Federal Public Service was hit with a workforce reduction initiative. Her area was targeted for a 50% reduction. As with many other people in the Public Service, we spoke of options for her future. We spent lots of time talking through whether she should compete for her job, what if she won or loss the competition, or if she should opt to leave and take an educational supplement.


Today we are celebrating her leaving the Public Service and going back to school. She will be taking Fashion Design and pursuing her passion.

For over 30 years I’ve seen her talent evolve and blossom in sewing. She always instructed the kids to follow their passions for their careers. The kids and I are all proud of her and confident she will do well. Now it is her time to explore her passion… and it will be a grand adventure.

Sweetheart’s New Office

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