Daily devotional to spread message of hope and promote healing

Despite making waves in Hollywood and becoming a successful musician, Jillisa Lynn suffered with anxiety and generational depression until the day she found a way to overcome her past traumas through prayer, meditation, personal affirmations, and holistic healing practices. And it was her transformation that led her to realize that her true purpose was helping others through her art and words of inspiration. Seeking to reach a wider audience with her perspective, Lynn debuts a daily devotional book imbued with passion, love, light and faith to promote healthy, happy living. 

In “Thoughts of Serenity,” Lynn presents a collection of quotes, stories, and personal triumphs, offering encouragement, affirmation, and hope for a better tomorrow. Through daily moments of mindfulness, she hopes to provide readers with the strength to keep fighting for a life well lived. “I want to motivate readers to implement healthier habits into their daily life and thus establish a suitable mindset for healing,” Lynn said. “I want those who are struggling in life to find peace and to know they are not alone.” 

Learn to heal and discover more of yourself as each day of the year passes with these daily devotions. If you’re looking for hope to receive, here it is. The goal is for you to find more self-love in everything you do. It could be something you’re currently going through, have gone through before, or something you may need to read to get you through the day.

Thoughts of Serenity came into Jillisa’s mind and heart over the last few years after struggling with her own mental health. She has tragically seen her friends and loved ones battle to find the joy in fighting for each day. The practices of prayer, meditation, words of affirmation, holistic healing ways, and encouragement have helped her face the difficulties on her journey. She now hopes to do the same for you. She has evolved through trials and continues to do so each day, sharing the encouragement for you to do the same. This book will uplift you in your darkest moments and help guide you to a better present space. Most importantly giving you healing motivation to turn that pain you’ve endured with bravery into power. You can persevere through anything with adding serenity in your thoughts.

“Thoughts of Serenity” is available for purchase online at Amazon.com. For more information on the author and her work, please visit jillisalynn.com

About the Author

Jillisa Lynn is an artist, entrepreneur, award-winning actress, international cover model, singer, and songwriter. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and news articles, and she has been working in the entertainment business for fifteen years. Thoughts of Serenity is her first book. 

“Thoughts of Serenity” by Jillisa Lynn

ISBN: 979-8-88590-286-1

Publication Date: Available now on Amazon


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