Five Steps to Success in New Book

Author Ayo Akinremi Ph.D. introduces “Success Unlimited: How to Recalibrate Your Mind for Predictable and Repeatable Success,” a self-guided book designed for those who strongly desire to learn the basic concepts of the law of success and apply them to create predictable and repeatable success in any area of life.

In “Success Unlimited,” readers are provided with five steps to success in three sections. The first section describes basic concepts of cause and effect and introduces a new perspective about success. The second section shares the physiology of the inner man. Drawing analogies from physiological concepts (such as cell transport, positive and negative feedback mechanisms, and more), Akinremi shares how people can control the ‘gates’ of their mind and effectively manage their internal environment. In the last section, readers learn about the law of change, its various components, and how they may apply it to their everyday lives.

“I wrote this book to share the insights that helped me transform from the inside out to achieve consistent success. Success is not a function of chance, but a predictable and repeatable process,” Akinremi said, “Reality is an outward expression of the coded materials of the heart (consciousness), and whatever is coded in the heart will eventually be expressed as reality. Therefore, changing your reality begins with changing your heart.

Using his personal experiences, Akinremi encourages readers to grow their mental framework, and transform pain into emotional energy to fuel their progress. Readers will also learn about the ‘six-month guaranty strategy’ to clarify their goals and sharpen their focus and maximize their lives.

“I want readers to discover the spiritual undertone that drives the machines of their minds in shaping their consciousness,” Akinremi said, “and how they can apply this knowledge to transform their lives and achieve good success.”

“Success Unlimited: How to Recalibrate Your Mind for Predictable and Repeatable Success”

By Ayo Akinremi Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1664254480 (softcover); 978-1664254473 (hardcover); B09VK7TYNN (electronic)

Available at WestBow PressAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Ayo Akinremi Ph.D. is a student of the Bible, an author, an educator, and an entrepreneur. He’s passionate about helping people to live meaningful and fulfilled lives. He received his master’s degree in clinical investigation from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. He is a university professor who continues to engage in opportunities to create a better world. He resides in Yorktown, Va. with his wife Abiola Wuraola and their three children, Fortune, Blossom, and Glory. To learn more, please visit:


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