Daily Routine Tweaks: Easy Ways to Live a Healthier Life

Modern-day life tends to be fast-paced and busy. You may not have as much time as you’d like to dedicate to your well-being – at least not every day. Fortunately, you don’t have to do anything above and beyond to be healthy. A few small changes to your overall routine can go a long way toward making (and keeping) you healthy, without taking away from your work time.

In this mini-guide, we offer some tweaks you could make to your day-to-day routine to enjoy a healthier life:

Meditate and set intentions for the day

Meditating after you wake up is a great way to start your day. It enhances your peace of mind and allows you to focus better. By setting intentions, you can structure your day and plan out what you’d like to accomplish. It’s a great way to set goals, empower yourself, and build up momentum.

Listen to music

Listening to music can enhance your mood and relieve stress. Some types of music are especially healing, which means they can help keep away the Monday blues. If you aren’t good at meditating, music can be a good substitute.

Take a nice shower

Both cold and warm showers have healing properties, reports Medical News Today. Cold showers can kill pain and reduce muscle fatigue, while warm showers improve cardiovascular health and are good for your blood flow.

Enjoy a healthy, hearty breakfast

Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day, but it’s important that you have a well-balanced one, says the BBC. It can make you feel satisfied, keeps your blood sugar levels stable all day, and helps you minimize your weight (and hunger levels).

Bust stress at work

Everyone gets stressed at work – especially when you have many tasks due and deadlines to meet. But too much stress is hard on your nervous system, your heart, and overall well being. You can bust stress in some simple ways – taking breaks often, doing stretches, breathing deeply, talking to people, and having a strong support network.

Be at peace when you come home

Having a healthy, peaceful home environment is important for your emotional and mental health. It allows you to rest and recuperate properly after a tough day at work. You have to actively create and maintain an appropriate healing environment at home, though – it won’t just happen by itself. Some ways are decluttering, re-arranging closets and cabinets to make your things organized and easier to find, creating a meditation space, letting in more natural light, having plants, and more.

Exercise a bit

Some exercising, if you have the time, can help you get rid of pent-up energy (or, conversely, gain more if you’re short). You don’t need to do a full-blown routine, although that’s always an option. Some easy but still effective exercises to consider are walking, swimming, yoga, tai-chi, and Pilates.

Wind down before bedtime

Having a bedtime ritual can help your body as well as mind to wind down, making it easier to fall asleep. Also, you’ll sleep deeper and feel better rested the next day. Some suggestions are leaving a few hours between bedtime and dinner, having a warm shower before bed, reading a book, getting a white noise machine, and not looking at your phone (or other screens) in bed.


Inc. recommends you get at least 30 minutes a week – preferably at least 90 minutes for the best results. It’s a good idea to get a self-care routine going that focuses on your mental as well as physical well-being. It’ll keep you healthy, feeling good, and happy long term. And be sure to visit Life Horizons for wonderful holistic living and well-being tips that you can follow for a healthy lifestyle!

Image via Unsplash

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