5 Medicinal Benefits of Daily Tea Consumption

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Have you heard that drinking tea is healthy for you? It’s a common conception that tea is a healthier alternative to caffeine or carbonated drinks, and this has been proven true multiple times. But what exactly are the benefits of drinking tea as opposed to a cup of coffee or soda? Here are five medicinal benefits of daily tea consumption.

1. Prevents Cancer

Certain types of tea have the ability to prevent the formation of cancer later on in life. White tea leaves are high in antioxidants, which are capable of protecting your body from damage, and they also help to keep us young. Green tea specifically has the ability to positively impact certain cancers, such as liver cancers, breast cancers, and prostate cancers.

2. Soothes Digestive System

There are some teas capable of bettering the health of your digestive system, like ginger and peppermint teas. The tea itself is antispasmodic, which is specifically beneficial for those with irritable bowel syndrome. Ginger tea helps to reduce feelings of nausea, and it contains properties to treat chronic indigestion.

Also, peppermint tea leaves contain menthol, so drinking this herbal tea every day has the ability to reduce the symptoms of constipation and even motion sickness. Peppermint tea leaves can also reduce the occurrence of headaches, especially migraines that cause motion sickness.

3. Improves Immune Function

Tea leaves can improve the function of immune cells in your body, ultimately improving the health of your immune system overall. This can both help your body regain homeostasis when you’re sick as well as prevent you from getting sick altogether. More specifically, holy basil leaves from tulsi tea are known for improving your immune system after you’re sick or hurting because of their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. Also, black tea is high in flavonoids making it a great supporter of your immune system’s function.

4. Protects Bones

There are many reasons why tea leaves are beneficial for your bone health, including the fact that they prevent bone loss. More specifically regarding tooth health, tea leaves have the ability to alter the pH levels in your mouth, ultimately decreasing the probability of you developing cavities. Tea leaves also don’t erode away your tooth enamel like other popular beverages, making it a beneficial substitute.

Furthermore, tea leaves have a high source of fluoride and catechins, giving them the ability to increase the overall strength of your teeth as well as reduce the build-up of plaque over time. Consuming tea in different forms can also improve the health of your teeth, such as consuming tea in powder form, like chai powder.

There are many medicinal properties contained within the Moringa South Asian plant, which is known as a superfood in many countries and contains excess amounts of calcium to improve bone health. Also, ginger tea specifically contains herbs that relieve joint pain that’s caused by osteoarthritis.

5. Improves Heart Health

Lastly, drinking tea every day is capable of improving the health of your heart and reducing the risk of heart attacks or strokes in the future. Most herbal teas, aside from black tea, don’t contain any caffeine in them, making them a great alternative to coffee and decreasing your heart rate. There are many different types of tea leaves that provide benefits to your heart health, including green tea, chamomile tea, hibiscus tea, and Rooibos tea.

Green tea benefits your heart because of its large amount of flavonoids that are known to reduce blood clots from forming and boosts your heart’s health. Chamomile tea is an herbal tea that helps to reduce your stress and lower your heart rate. Hibiscus tea is an herbal tea that lowers your blood pressure, putting less strain on your heart. And Rooibos tea contains herbs that are known for improving your blood pressure, increasing your blood circulation, and improving good cholesterol in your body.


Overall, tea offers many health benefits for you, especially when you use it to replace other more calorie-heavy beverages. It can be made either iced or hot, and you can even add some sugar or other flavors for more taste. There are even different types of tea to consider, so you can choose one that’s the most flavorful for you. Given the benefits and the overwhelming convenience it offers, consider drinking at least one cup of tea every day.

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