What to Do About those Aching Pains in Your Back

Once you start experiencing back pains, taking immediate action is undebatable as this is an indication of a malfunction in your body. The back holds the spine that acts as the control system of the rest of the body which makes it the most important part. Most pains go away after a while, but if it persists, here are some of the ways you could go about treating it.

1. Be Active

Going on with your regular active activities is crucial but cutting down on the ones that may make the pain worse is advisable. Resting, although helpful, makes your back heal at a slower pace, therefore, prolonging your suffering.

Carrying out activities like walking and stretching keeps the neurons active hence increasing the healing process rate. If you are a sports person, postponing the strenuous activities is advised but you can still show your support to your team by cheering them on. This ensures that you do not cause more harm to your back and allow it ample time to heal by itself.

2. Ice-Heat Treatment

This can be done by turning to ice and heat as therapeutic approaches to your back pain. This method tends to work for most people but undertaking it in the right procedure is mandatory to get the desired outcome. 

This technique involves exposing your back to the ice for the first 72 hours after experiencing the pain. This helps numb the nerves hence reducing the pain giving you comfort. After this, apply some heat to your lower back. 

The heat helps increase circulation which allows for the movement of oxygen and nutrients to your back muscles and joints. Both the combination of heat and cold reduces the amount of inflammation and loosens the muscles to accelerate healing.

Generally, you only have to apply ice on your back for 10-15 minutes a day and heat for 15-20 minutes. This is a very easy treatment method and can be done in the comfort of your home.

3. See a Chiropractor

In case you do not like medicine, visiting a chiropractic clinic would be your best option. Chiropractors serve as physical therapists whose main aim is to make sure that you are healthy. 

They major in neuromusculoskeletal and help manage back and neck pain through spinal adjustments. This ensures that your back is properly aligned giving it a better chance to heal naturally. They also believe that proper back alignment improves the normal functioning of other systems of your body.

During your visit, an examination will be conducted to determine the origin of the pain, and telling them how you got injured may help them reach a better conclusion, hence better treatment.

4. Avoid Carbohydrates

Many people are not aware of the negative effects of carbohydrates on their bodies. When you consume these foods, they cause inflammation to your joints which in return weakens and worsens them. 

Consuming proteins and vitamins, on the other hand, helps you with the healing process as they boost your immunity. Once you start experiencing back pains, cut on the number of carbohydrates you consume and watch the magic happen.

5. Stretch and Exercise

To ensure that the exercises you are doing do not cause you more harm, visit a doctor and have them recommend some exercises. In this way, you can understand what your body requires hence offering it the supportive stretches that accelerate your back`s healing. 

If the exercises cause you more pain or bring discomfort, visit your chiropractor who examines you again to make sure that you were not misdiagnosed and help you with a new set of exercise recommendations if he sees it safe.

6. Call Your Doctor

By assuming your back pain is normal, you put yourself in more danger than you can imagine. Consulting your doctor as soon as you experience the pain helps you to keep the situation in control and treat it before it gets out of hand. 

Your doctor examines you and offers medication that best suits your injuries hence ensuring that you recover as soon as possible. Self-medication may at times prove to be non-effective as you do understand the cause of your pain.

Treating your back pain before it gets too serious saves you from a lot of discomfort and serious damages that may occur in the future.

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