4 Outdoor Sports That Will Keep You In Shape

Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels

Sports give you an excellent opportunity to get outside, work out and enjoy some time with friends. However, finding an ideal sport may pose some challenges, so you should figure out which ones you enjoy the most. As you do this, you can motivate yourself to work out by using the sports you enjoy the most as a perfect encouragement to go outside.


You can start by playing some soccer if you want something active, fun, and straightforward. When it comes to soccer, you focus on either scoring a point for your team or doing your best to defend against goal attempts. This even works for people who can’t run around much since they can stick to goalkeeping and help the team.

Soccer works great since you only need to get a soccer ball and a field. You can even mark the goals with pieces of clothing or other items, so you can easily keep track of the goals without purchasing your nets. With these points in mind, soccer stands out as an easy game anyone can pick up and enjoy when they want to exercise.

Even if you play on your own, you can practice your dribbles and kicks to get some daily exercise.


If you live close to the ocean, you can go surfing as a great way to get some exercise. Surfing works great since you have to paddle out to the ocean with your arms, you can rest on top of the surfboard and you can ride some waves. This also gives you a chance to swim around if you don’t get any decent waves when you go to the beach.

Even if you don’t know how to surf, you can find a surf instructor in Santa Barbara if you live in the area. Otherwise, look for instructors at the closest beach to you. Surf instructors can help you understand the basics of surfboarding, so you can safely get involved in the sport. They can also point you to good beaches for beginners, so you don’t end up in dangerous waters and potentially face injuries or other problems while you surf.


If you don’t want to surf, you can always go swimming as a fun alternative. Swimming works great since you can go to the pool or the beach based on what you have access to. The pool allows you to swim back and forth, so you can practice your laps if you want to get involved with competitive swimming.

Swimming works great since it allows you to practice your cardio while also giving you the chance to work out your arms and legs. This means people who want to improve their cardio will experience some benefits from swimming if they don’t want to run or walk. If you decide to get a backyard pool, you can make the exercise even more convenient for yourself.

Luckily, multiple areas have access to water, so you may find a swimming pool you can use on a regular basis.


If you prefer to stay on land, you can purchase a bike and enjoy a cycling session. Cycling works great since you can travel fast, enjoy the outdoors and get some great cardio exercise while you do so. Depending on where you live, you could potentially join some bike races and have some fun while you compete with other cyclists.

Even if you don’t compete against other people, you can cycle with your friends or family. This gives you a chance to exercise together since you just need to grab your bike, put on a helmet and head down the street. You can even come up with new routes, so you can try different paths and push yourself to go farther on your bike.

Cycling works great since you can commit a few minutes or even a couple of hours.


Outdoor sports allow you to run outside while also burning some calories, so you can keep yourself in shape. Make sure you review the sports available, so you can find one you enjoy. As you pick a sport and stick with it, you can enjoy your time outside while also improving your skills at the sport, so figure out which one you want to play.

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