A Guide to Starting Each Day in a Positive Mood

The image source is Pexels.

It’s often stated the way you start the day holds the power to set the mood for the rest of the day. If you’d like to accomplish a lot, it’s important to infuse tons of positivity into your day. When you couple positivity with discipline, there’s almost nothing you can’t do. In order to cultivate the perfect morning routine, consider some of the best activities.

1. Wake Up Early

When you have young children who like to wake you up, you’ll start the day with their needs in mind. When you have an alarm clock that you snooze through, you’re setting yourself up for a late start and a rushed morning. Instead, focus on waking up earlier than everyone else in the house. Even if you wake up one or two hours before everyone else, this gives you an upper hand to quiet your mind, center yourself and focus on your own needs. It’s much easier to connect with yourself in the stillness of the early morning moments.

2. Exercise

Exercise is directly connected to endorphins. If you love a good endorphin rush, you’re not alone because studies suggest that endorphins lead to feelings of happiness. For that good endorphin rush, get a good sweat going by enjoying a cardio workout. Whether you go for a brisk walk in the neighborhood or enjoy a rousing session on your stationary bike, find a way to get your blood pumping and your mood up. That endorphin rush will serve you as you continue through the rest of the day.

3. Prepare an Energizing Beverage

That first sip of a caffeinated beverage often feels like you’re getting fueled by power in liquid form. Even if you’re someone who sticks to an intermittent fasting ritual, you can drink unsweetened coffee to get your day started. If you love a good latte or a simple cup of coffee, up the ante by using strong coffee beans. When you brew with the right type of beans, this makes your coffee experience even smoother and more enjoyable. If you love to add a splash of creamer, some ice or milk, make sure you sit down to fully savor the experience. As you mindfully enjoy your coffee, allow yourself to think positively about the day ahead.

4. Consume a Positive Message

Positive and motivational messages aren’t meant for one-time consumption. You need to consume positive messages on a daily basis. They’ll help you to shift your thinking and focus on the good things. If you’re someone who’s prone to think about all of the negative things from your past, you’ll need to become intentional about listening to messages that empower you to focus on the possibilities of your future and the gift of the present. Consider keeping a gratitude journal so you can maintain a sense of thankfulness for all of the seemingly little things you already have in your life. Whether you download and listen to a motivational podcast or read a chapter from a motivational book, do your best to start your day with a motivational message to inspire you to keep going.

5. Eliminate Electronics

If you’re a person who loves social media, you’re probably tempted to roll over and pick it up as soon as you wake up. Resist the urge to open your social media apps altogether. If you can set a timer on your phone that blocks social media usage for a specific time, that might help. When you’re immediately looking at what others have on social media, you’re intentionally taking the focus off of yourself and what you can do to make your life great. Turn off news notifications so that you’re not constantly taking in bad reports of everything happening in the world. You don’t need to get morning updates when you first wake up. Instead, focus on remaining present, focused on yourself and how you’ll create a great day.


Even as you incorporate all of these tips, it’s also important to remember that how you end the day matters as well. If you’re exhausted, it’s going to be hard to focus and remain productive. Make sure you get a good and full night’s rest in order to support yourself through the rest of the day. With lots of rest and these five tips, you’ll equip yourself to enjoy the most positive and productive day possible.

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