New Book Provides Wisdom and Guidance for Highly Sensitive People

For highly sensitive people like empaths, it can sometimes feel like a dark cloud is hanging over their heads. Unfamiliar places or overwhelming situations can leave them feeling anxious or uncomfortable and wondering where they truly belong in the world. Certified Life Coach Katharine Donovan Kane’s new book “Soul’s Homecoming: An Empath’s Journey to Inner Wisdom” shares her personal life experiences in hopes of inspiring empaths and other highly sensitive people to embrace those uncomfortable situations and create their own unique map to find the way to their soul’s home.

Kane encourages readers throughout her book to slow down and engage with her calming, supportive message and story. The book also provides a toolbox for empaths to better understand themselves, recognize sacred places, become open to what is missing and respond with greater confidence. Kane hopes that her book will encourage readers to share who they truly are with the world.

“I hope my book inspires and encourages others to tell their stories. We all have a wild and wind-swept tale to tell. Knowing our inner story, loving it and sharing those special gifts are key,” said Kane. “I hope that my book flourishes and touches other people’s lives.”

The book has received praise, and an Amazon reviewer raved Kane’s guide as “An honest account of the author’s emotional and spiritual journey. A must-read for anyone who is introverted, highly sensitive, or simply interested in how they can connect with themself and the world around them.”

Highly sensitive people looking to connect with the world will find comfort within the pages of “Soul’s Homecoming.” The author’s end-of-chapter questions will help the reader discover the life they want to live by finding their inner wisdom.

“Soul’s Homecoming: An Empath’s Journey to Inner Wisdom”

By Katharine Donovan Kane

ISBN: 9781982277277 (softcover); 9781982277260 (hardcover); 9781982277253 (electronic) Available at Balboa Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Katharine Donovan Kane is a personal life coach specializing in dreamwork for those who are highly sensitive, spiritual, and experiencing life transitions. She holds a master’s degree from Fordham University in religion and religious education, a Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach certification, as well as a dream mentor certification from the Haden Institute. Katharine enjoys long walks in the woods, bird watching and taking pictures of the moon. She currently resides in Takoma Park, Maryland. To learn more, please visit

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