5 Present Ideas for Stressed Family Members

Photo by energepic.com from Pexels

Chronic stress is an issue that you or a loved one may be struggling with during these uncertain times. Constant stress can take a toll on the body and mind, so it’s important to find ways to alleviate it when possible. The right gift offers you a chance to help someone else manage the chaos in life.

A Journal

Whether or not you or your loved one enjoy writing, a journal is a good gift for anyone who is stressed. Putting feelings on paper each morning is a mindful activity that allows you to brain dump before the day begins. Journaling is also an activity that requires being in the moment and facing what you’re feeling.

If a blank journal is too intimidating as a gift, look for mindfulness journals that offer prompts. A reluctant writer might just need an idea to get started. Journaling has been proven to reduce stress, and it’s a simple activity to work into your daily routine. Throw in a set of pretty pens and help your loved one organize and explore inner thoughts.

Relaxation Classes

It is possible to learn to relax, and your family member might just need some lessons to get the hang of it. Meditation classes are a wonderful gift because they offer a chance to learn how to quiet the mind. Classes also mean accountability, so they are perfect for those who do better if there is an actual appointment to attend.

Gifting classes means the person you offer them to can go on their own schedule. Memberships often include access to a variety of classes at different times, and this is the kind of flexibility that makes attending possible. You are also helping the person in your life prioritize time to relax and unwind, something that isn’t always valued in the hustle culture.

Yoga and art therapy classes are also great options if experiences are your idea of a perfect gift.

Weighted Blanket

If you’re stressed, sleeping is probably not going to be the easiest thing to do. Even if you do manage to sleep, it’s often not the restful, quality sleep needed to restore your mind and body. A natural way to improve sleep is to use a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you need to have some idea of what the person you are buying for prefers. You also need to purchase the correct weight so the blanket will be heavy enough to work without being overwhelming.

A weighted blanket can help reduce cortisol levels, and this lowers the amount of stress hormone running through the body. This can lead to less anxiety, better sleep, and more mood-boosting serotonin running through your system. They are also easy to transport, so weighted blankets can offer comfort even when your family member is on the go.


The sun has a positive impact on mental health since it helps with vitamin D and naturally reduces blood pressure. However, there’s no way to access the sun all year. That’s why seasonal affective disorder can increase signs of stress and leave you feeling depressed during the shortest days of the year.

Fortunately, you can offer the gift of light to a stressed family member all year long. Light therapy is way to deal with stress and sadness related to a change in season. You can gift a therapy lamp and let your loved one bask in the glow of it when they are overwhelmed.


You can’t add more hours to the day, but you can offer your time to someone who needs it. Cook a meal, offer to babysit, or simply ask your stressed family member what they need. Simply offering to take over their responsibilities while they go on a walk may help lower stress levels.

It’s not always easy to ask for help when stressed, so tell the person you want to help that you would like to gift them time. You can give them a gift card to go get coffee and relax. You can make coupons that they can cash in for time they need on their own. It’s a simple concept that can have a major impact when burnout is a problem.

Choose gifts that are considerate and have the added impact of helping your loved one live a calmer life.

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