Yoga Tools and Tech to Help Elevate Your Practice

If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, you probably have a pretty good grasp of the fundamentals and basic poses. You may have found ways to expand your practice, exploring trickier poses or incorporating elements of yoga into other parts of your life. Consider adding some technology and traditional equipment to take your practice to the next level. If you’re looking for ways to elevate your sessions on the mat, Life Horizons suggests these useful yoga tools to improve your mental and physical health.

Try Yoga Apps at Home

Adding yoga apps to your phone can help you explore new poses and push yourself to try new types of yoga in the comfort of your own home. Yoga apps provide a wide range of videos, guides, and tips on everything from calming meditative routines to physically challenging workouts. Better yet, yoga apps are portable, so you can take your sessions anywhere you like! Remember that if you’re going to be using your smartphone to exercise, keep your device safe from harm with a durable phone case.

Make Use of Yoga Blocks

Yoga props can help you advance your sessions and work your way toward new, challenging poses. For example, yoga blocks can give you greater stability in poses and even help you build strength. JURU recommends cork yoga blocks because they are durable and lightweight, but you can also get foam or wooden blocks. You can use blocks to keep your spine aligned in standing poses or open your chest to deepen your breathing and relaxation in restorative poses. You can also use blocks in your strength routines so you have to work harder to find balance.

Use a Yoga Towel

Although many people think of yoga as a relaxing activity, some yoga sessions can get pretty sweaty! This is where a yoga towel can come in handy. Lightweight, quick-drying, and super-absorbent, yoga towels are specially designed for exercise. Most yoga towels are the same size as a yoga mat, so you can put it on top of your mat to reduce slippage from sweat — this is especially useful in hot yoga classes! Covering your yoga mat with a towel will also help keep your mat clean during your routine. Alternatively, you can position your towel near your mat, so you can wipe your hands or face during your practice.

Get a Yoga Wheel

A yoga wheel is a relatively new yoga prop designed to deepen stretches, provide support, and offer a greater challenge to experienced yogis. If you’re new to yoga wheels, Verywell Fit recommends incorporating your wheel into grounded poses like child’s pose or reclining easy pose. Once you’re comfortable with the wheel, you can use it in a wide variety of poses to target tight muscles or add an additional balance challenge to your routines.

Check Out Interactive Yoga Mats

If you’re ready to incorporate a little more technology into your yoga practice, consider getting a smart yoga mat. These interactive mats analyze your positioning in different yoga poses and offer feedback and suggestions to help you perfect your alignment. Smart yoga mats connect to your phone so you can program them to fit your specific skills and abilities. These mats are great for people who want to fine-tune their poses without attending daily yoga classes. You can even get smart yoga mats that roll up on their own.

From traditional yoga props to fun and inventive technology, there are many ways to take your yoga sessions to the next level. Yoga tools can help you maximize the benefits of your practice and reduce your risk of injury. These tools may even give you the confidence you need to try more challenging poses or advanced yoga types.

Contributed by: Anya Willis

Photo: via Pexels

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