5 Ways to Renovate a House You Haven’t Thought Of

Renovating a home that your family has lived in and enjoyed is the ultimate reward for homeowners. Not only does renovating improve the home design, but it can also help you improve your lifestyle in that home, improve the home’s appeal, and help homeowners add value to their property.

Renovations involve:

Setting a budget.


Deciding how much of the structure to change.

Hiring a contractor

Selecting new fixtures, appliances, furnishings.

There is a lot that goes into renovations, however, instead of allowing yourself to become overwhelmed with all the decisions that you need to make, consider these five tips that you probably hadn’t thought of before now.

1. Save some of your home’s hardware.

The details and bits of character that drew you to your home in the first place should be honored as you make renovation decisions. Therefore, go through your home and list everything that you love. Doing this first makes it easier to know what will change. Your inspection list should include the oval door frames, crown molding, or the majestic entryway chandelier, and you should be picky about what you absolutely must salvage.

Once that list gets made, deciding what you plan to replace during renovation is easier. Do not worry about wanting new and hanging on to old. The items that drew you to the home are character building and inspiration for the renovations in the rest of the house.

2. By second-hand items.

Visiting second-hand stores, antique shops, or vintage items will not only save you a lot of money but also open your home to one-of-a-kind items for your home. In addition to crystal chandeliers, vintage furnishings, and carpets, reclaimed wood is a fantastic choice for countertops, floors, and walls.

In addition to second-hand stores, many people forget that there are retailers that sell gently used items. For instance, sub-zero refrigerators that have been used for a few years can save thousands of dollars for the homeowner. In addition, salvage shops get stocked with kitchen renovation items, like high-quality cabinets in excellent condition.

3. Revamp cabinets.

If your cabinets are in good shape and you like them, instead of replacing them, consider refacing or revamping them. Refacing is the perfect way for homeowners to change their kitchens and save money. There are multiple ways that cabinets can be revamped, and those are:

Painting, staining, or refinishing cabinet surfaces.

Replace the hardware, including knobs and hinges.

Replace fronts with glass or frosted fronts.

4. Donate items in good shape.

You may not have thought about this, but second-hand stores also take clothes and furniture, household fixtures, cabinets, wood, lighting appliances, and other household stuff as donations. If you find that certain items still functional won’t work in different rooms in your home or cannot otherwise be repurposed, consider taking them to a consignment shop. In addition to being available for other renovators, you can make a few dollars for your home projects.

Even if you donate without getting anything in return, the benefits of decluttering your space before beginning your renovation are priceless. You’ll make room for contractors to come into your space without a bunch of stuff that they trip over or have to keep moving around.

5. DIY renovation.

If you are handy and have family and friends ready to pitch in and help, renovations don’t have to be done by professionals. Instead, you can do them yourself and save tons of money along the way. Several television shows about renovating go into detail about cutting tools and materials necessary for all projects to watch as guides. In addition, YouTube and magazines are great starting points for DIY projects.

Renovating a home that your family has lived in and enjoyed is the ultimate reward for homeowners. Although renovation involves setting a budget, planning, deciding how much of the structure to change, where expansion will be done, and more, renovating saves on moving and can give you the feel of a new home.

Five tips for renovating that you probably hadn’t thought of are saving some of your home’s hardware, buying second-hand items, revamping cabinets, and doing some DIY renovations. These are five tips that you probably hadn’t thought of for renovating your home.

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