3 Unique Ways to Design an Office Space

Home offices are essential these days. If you work from home, you now have the option to create an office that suits your style and budget. Office decors range from ultra-modern to very warm traditional. You may draw inspiration from the following three office décor options:

Modern Office

A truly modern office features clean lines, minimalism, and high-tech capabilities throughout. Many people of all ages prefer a modern office environment because it facilitates mental clarity and because smart home technology makes their lives easier.

If you’re on a budget, you can easily start off using an inexpensive self-assemble white pressboard or sparse metal utilitarian computer desk. You can upgrade to a glass computer desk later.

Few things fill up a modern office’s wall space on a budget better than mirrors. Large wall mirrors also add a sense of space to a room. The mirrors’ frames need to be simple and straight.

Large inspirational/motivational wall hangings create a focal point in an office. You’ll find motivational wall hangings that say things like “Discipline,” “Stay positive, work hard, make it happen,” “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you,” “Nevertheless, she persisted,” “Be patient with yourself.”

You’ll likely want to purchase smart appliances, such as, perhaps, Apple HomeKit smart light strips, smart lamps, smart glass touch light switches, smart power cords, and smart outlets. Finish things off a simple desk set and live plants.

Corridor Home Office

You can create corridor office space along one wall of a hallway, in an older home’s L-shaped corridor, or an unused closet. Take note of the fact that a corridor office doesn’t have to scream to visitors that you didn’t have a spare bedroom you could use as an office. The elongated shape of a corridor should inspire you to customize the space. Take the opportunity to show off your class and style by creating a customized office space that consists of natural earth elements.

Put an electrical outlet close to where you plan to use your computer so that the power cord can reach the electrical outlet. Then install a long and narrow countertop that will serve as your desktop. Use granite, marble, wood, or some other natural material for this. Install wood cabinets beneath it, and set up wood bookshelves and other storage areas along the same wall.

Have your family photos and/or artwork made into custom metal prints. Hang them on the wall all down your workspace. Chromaluxe metal prints have detail, depth, and vibrant color. They’re also coated with a glass-like finish. Photos reproduced onto metal turn out much better than photos reproduced on canvas or acrylic.

Executive Office

At the most expensive end of the spectrum is the sophisticated office that is heavy on wood. This office has the look of old money, though updated in style.

The walls in these are usually covered in wood, whether inexpensive paneling or something like floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall lighted bookcases with storage cabinets along the bottom. The floor is also made of real wood. The ceiling may feature large wood beams that support the glass ceiling panels.

The desk is big and heavy. A very high-end one would have a leather surface. The desk chair would be a tufted leather one. The guest chairs may be traditionally styled upholstered wooden chairs or tufted leather ones that match the style of the desk chair.

At night, the room’s light level is fairly low, but a desk lamp shines on important desk work. Natural light from above fills the room during daylight hours.

You could personalize this office, but only with high-end versions of things like an office door sign, desk nameplate, mouse pad, and pen pot. There’s no wall space to hang pictures, but you could display things inside the bookcases.


Modern offices have clean lines, which some people find conducive to clear thinking. Young people can readily afford this office style. Corridor offices make use of underutilized narrow spaces and allow you to create a sophisticated, earthy workspace that is custom-made. An executive office would be chock full of wood and offer a rich and warm meeting environment.

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