Making Your Bathroom Safer for Elderly People

elderly friendly

Do you have elderly people at home? Apart from many things that you want to ensure for them you will also have to make some careful considerations on the best bathroom supplies. You can choose to make the bathroom safe and sound for use by elderly people if you have made some changes and renovations to your bathroom.

If you do not know about how to get some of these changes and renovations, then you can check out the points that we have mentioned for you below to make your bathroom more elderly friendly.

To-Do List

Ensuring A Non-Slippery Floor

When it comes to the right bathroom supplies for use by elderly people the floor of the bathroom is probably the first thing you need to look at. You always want to avoid slipping in the bathroom due to a slippery floor and that too for old senior citizens can be dangerous and life-threatening. Regardless of the options, you select while getting your bathroom renovated, your priority is to ensure that it does not slip. You can choose from a range of exquisite materials such as non-slippery marbles, tiles, or wooden floors.

Non-Slippery Floor

Installing Grab Bars at Strategic Points

Senior citizens will need grabbing or hand support when they are inside the bathroom. This is especially true for those who use a walking stick. But a walking stick cannot be used in the bathroom you would want to install hand support, grabbing rails or bars. They can hold while moving in and out of the bathroom. To do this you need to ensure that it is fitted all along with the main areas all around the bathroom walls. You can install them near the entrance leading to the toilet area, the shower area, or the basin in your bathroom wherever needed.

Toilet for people with disabilities.

Look at The Configuration on Your Bathroom

The configuration of your bathroom is also important apart from choosing the right bathroom supplies. If those elders have a separate bathroom for themselves then make sure that the main areas within the bathroom are easily accessible. The toilet area and the shower areas should be near the entrance along the sides with support rails on the walls.  Even the washbasin in your bathroom should be close to the entrance.

Along with this you also need to ensure that the bathroom is not raised such that they must climb stairs to reach the bathroom. Its position should be ideally close to their bedroom.

Use Of a Shower Stool

Sometimes elderly people have backache problems or knee joint pain problems due to which they are unable to stand for a long time. Thus you can have a shower stool or chair in your bathroom. This can ensure that the senior citizens can sit and bathe comfortably. It is ideally one of the most important bathroom supplies in a bathroom that is commonly used by elderly people.

Use Of a Raised Toilet Seat or An Unraised Support Seat

A raised seat is also one of the important bathroom renovations or bathroom supplies that you need to install. Sometimes elderly people would have problems in sitting or getting back up from a low toilet seat. These are easily available in the market. You can buy the one you this is of accurate height.

Toilet Seat

Use Of Night Bulbs Within and Around the Bathroom

Do not forget to install a night bulb in your bathroom or near the bathroom. You can also consider this as an important bathroom supplies material as it can prevent tripping over or slipping at night when your elderly parents want to access the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Nonetheless, these were some tips to help you renovate the house bathroom for older people. You take the help of professional workers to suggest you with the design and utility area. Online stores have many varieties of such items. You can buy whatever you think is best suited for the place.

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