3 Tips to Get Started as an Actress

You’ve wanted to be on the screen since you were a little girl. You don’t care if it’s television or the movies. You want to reinvent yourself with every project, bringing other people along for an entertaining experience. You think you have the right personality. You love to be in front of the camera. You like to perform. You don’t shy away from speeches in class. You’re a people person. People often describe you as bubbly and outgoing. You know your career choice. It’s time to go after it. Take 3 tips to get started as an actress.

1. Get the Proper Training

While there are rare cases where someone is discovered by an agent or talent scout, plan on taking acting courses pave the way to your future career. There are skills you need to learn, such as how to project your voice, how to turn on your emotions, and tricks for learning your lines. Focus on classes that will immerse you in the theater. Take courses that revolve around oral presentations, singing, and writing. Get in touch with your expressive side. If you have a community theater or summer drama program that is for free, get involved. You can get involved behind the scenes with making props and setting up the stage. It’s all part of learning the ropes. Study some of the big names in the business to find good role models.

2. Spread the Word About Yourself

Before you get called for auditions, you will need to give yourself some PR. This is the time for you to promote your talents. You will need to create a resume that will be an attention-getter. Consider talking to an expert to write a resume that will open doors. You should create a demo reel that shows you in action, get professional headshots, and build a social media presence. This is your chance to shine as you show directors and producers that you are the right fit for their project.

3. Go to as Many Auditions as Possible

As someone who is just starting in the business, no part is too small. Do your homework to find out what jobs are available. Be willing to try out as an extra, for commercials, and small parts. You may get your start in plays before you do anything else. Plan on working your way up. You may have to begin with many small parts before you get a juicy role. If you do try out for theater, be willing to take the understudy role. You may not get a chance to perform. However, you will benefit from getting experience. You will also put your face out there. Directors may remember you. Make sure you are always on time. Arrive early to each audition. Have a contact number where you can be contacted consistently. Be prepared for rejections and more than one audition for a role. You may need to think about moving. If you don’t live in a large city, you are less likely to have acting opportunities. Most people in the business turn to Hollywood and the Big Apple to break into acting.

Becoming an actress won’t be easy. You might feel like it’s one step forward and two steps back. You need to prepare yourself for the long haul. Be prepared to travel. You’ll also need to have a flexible schedule so you can go to auditions when opportunity knocks. Most importantly, don’t give up on your dream. Nothing that matters comes easily. Put your heart and soul into what you want to be. It will help you to learn and grow.

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