How to Beat the Heat this Summer: 3 Tips

Although summertime is an ideal time to live your best life, it brings a little worry. Scorching days might become uncomfortable both at the workplace and at home. Energy bills will begin to increase, and your air conditioning system will be working most of the day. 

During summer, high temperatures can make you dehydrated and tired if you do not take the right step to beat the heat. However, do not allow the temperature to stop you. These three tips will help you stay cool without compromising your sanity.

1. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is one of the most common challenges most people face during summer. It also remains one of the significant causes of admission to hospital in elderly persons during summer. In the summer months, you will lose a lot of water and salt due to sweating. Ensure you take a sufficient amount of water every day.

Although water is not your only option, it’s free and easily accessible. If you don’t like its taste, trick yourself into taking more water by adding some things like several pinches of sea salt, lime juice, and other fresh fruit juices.

Why You Should Stay Hydrated

Your body cools down itself through sweating. As the CDC claims, sweating occurs when your body turns on its air conditioning. When your body overheats during summer, the air conditioning unit becomes active, making your body sweat. 

As the sweat starts to evaporate, your body starts to cool down. Now that your air conditioner uses sweat as its coolant, ensure you refill the tank- by consuming lots of water.

If you don’t sweat, your body can overheat and develop hyperthermia, a condition that can make your vital organs, including the brain, shut down.

2. Get an Air Cooler

Although air conditioning repair in Ottawa is affordable, air conditioning units are expensive, and not everybody can afford one. During summer, the prices tend to increase. Since air conditioning units are relatively cheaper during winter, you can buy one and install it during this period. Alternatively, you can get an air cooler. 

Air coolers use cold water to produce cold air, so they can play a critical role in cooling your house down. Although ceiling fans are helpful, they circulate the warm air present in your house. They may help to some extent, but they are not the best option to beat the heat.

Although an air conditioning system is effective, it’s not energy efficient. Energy bills may soar due to continuous use. Air coolers may be relatively cheaper to operate and cool down your home effectively. Buy an air cooler that fits your budget and meets your cool air needs.

Types of Air Coolers

The following are the common types of air coolers:

i. Personal coolers

Personal coolers are ideal for smaller spaces and easily portable. They are energy-efficient and provide cooler and cleaner air that comforts you and helps you eliminate sweat and heat efficiently.

ii. Tower coolers

Tower coolers are ideal for bigger spaces. They can cool a big area within a short time as they blow out air vertically. They take the heat and evaporate it to produce cool air.

iii. Window coolers

Window coolers get installed on the window, and the body faces the outside of your house. They occupy a small space on the wall and effectively cool your room. However, window coolers are more expensive than personal and tower coolers and require high maintenance.

iv. Desert coolers

Desert coolers are suitable for places with low humidity and high temperature. They blow out cool air by evaporating heat present in the water.

3. Take a Cool Shower

Cool showers will get you ready for the day during summer. A cool shower will cool you off, but take care not to overheat immediately you get dry There are several ways to beat the high temperatures this summer, but following the tips mentioned above will help you cool down quickly and effectively.

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