3 Reasons to Have Your Home Inspected Annually

When buying or selling a house, having a house inspection is compulsory. However, have you ever had the thought of having your current home inspected? Did you ever think about the benefits of living in a home where you are assured of having no problems? Your house is an investment, a large one. 

Therefore, it would be best to hire home inspectors even if you are not about to sell it. Below are some of the reasons why you should have your home inspected annually.

1. Deal With Minor Issues

Yes, everything might seem to be okay from the outside, but there is always a possibility of having some minor issues with the house that escape our eye. These issues tend to get extensive if they go unchecked. For example, there might be a slight disconnection on the basement waterproofing products. You might not notice the damage now, but as time goes by, it will get worse.

However, when you have your house inspected annually, inspectors will pick these problems out, giving you information on how you can prevent these minor problems before it gets costly repair. Additionally, the inspector will identify the signs of rodents and wood-destroying insects before you do. They can also detect leaky roofs and pipe leaks. This will turn out to be cost-effective. Imagine the amount of money you save from preventing all these damages from happening!

2. Safety, Safety, Safety

When a licensed inspector visits your home, he can see more of it than you ever will. They will inspect your house rooms, stairs, patios, and porches. The electrical systems and pipelines will also be thoroughly checked. Therefore, by the end of the inspection, they will be having all the information about your house. After in-depth analysis, they will highlight all the things that need addressing to prevent disasters from happening. These include carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, potential physical hazards that can cause injuries, and many others.

With this information, it will be easier to address each matter individually, giving you peace of mind since you know you are in a safe environment. Therefore, having your house inspected annually can be termed as a cost-effective way to protect both your family and property.

3. Plan For Repairs and Replacements

After an inspection, the inspectors might not see any problems with some of the house’s systems and appliances. However, with the years of experience they have, it is possible to identify some things that do not have life in the house, such as the plumbing pipes and air conditioners. The inspector will inform you about these things and even recommend what needs to be replaced imminently.

Home inspectors do not just inspect the interior of the house; they inspect the exterior too. After inspection, they offer a wealth of information about the home’s exterior state, the roof, siding, downspouts, gutters, windows, lighting, and doors. Therefore, you should expect detailed analysis and opinions on these conditions. You might find one that even estimates the amount of life left for your sidings and roofs.

If possible, you can ask the inspectors to refer you to the best professionals to help you with these replacements as an additional resource. They have been in the game, so possibly, they know people who can help you out.

Areas Not Covered in Inspections

Yes, a home inspection is thorough and in-depth. Their report covers the condition of the heating system, air conditioning system, interior plumbing system, roof, attic, ceilings, floors, and many other places. However, it cannot identify every problem with the house since they use visual cues. For example, if an inspector notices that the door doesn’t close, they might attribute this to cracking of the foundation. However, this will not mean that for sure, it is a problem with the foundation.

Some of the areas that inspectors don’t look at are:

• The inside of your walls (cannot cut through it)

• the inside part of your chimney

• inside the sewer line pipes

• Anything covered by electrical panels.

Your home might be looking perfect on the surface while concealing a lot of problems. To be on the safe side, why not have your house inspected at least every year. It will save you from so many surprises.


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