Post-breast augmentation exercise plan

Wishing to return to your regular workout schedule even after undergoing plastic surgery is very commendable, but you should be very careful with your steps to complete recovery. Breast augmentation is a serious procedure that requires a certain period of time for healthy healing, and in that respect, it’s essential that you follow doctor’s advice regarding all aspects of your lifestyle. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t move at all, far from it, but learn to respect the steps and treat the recovery process as an important one. 

Lay low during the first two weeks

In the first two weeks after breast augmentation surgery, the most important thing you should do is rest. So, plenty of lying around, no sudden movements and only some yoga or light stretching. Yes, you can do some stretching exercises and they are even encouraged, but you should do them carefully. Your doctor will suggest a set of stretching exercises that will actually speed up the recovery and keep the firmness of your breasts, so make sure to follow the rule of no challenging workouts two weeks post-op.

2-6 weeks after surgery

Two to six weeks post-surgery, you’re allowed to engage in more challenging exercises, but you still shouldn’t do anything that involves sudden moves, weight lifting and jumping. You can walk as much as you like, but don’t rush into jogging too soon. Some speed walking is also acceptable both outdoors and on a treadmill, but be careful not to get too carried away. A cardio machine, such as a stationary bike, is undoubtedly one of the best exercises you can do during this period. Basically, you can resume your training sessions, but focus on your lower body the most. Stay away from weights and don’t even try to use your own body as a weight either.

Six weeks post op

Once you hit the sixth week of the recovery process, you can start working out a bit more seriously, but the key factor is still in sticking to gradual training. So, with the help of a trainer, you can start running more and doing some cardio that involves more impact in general, but nothing too drastic immediately. Also, some weight training with dumbbells can be slowly incorporated, as well as resistance exercises. It’s essential to mention that jumping straight into your pre-op routine even after six weeks can cause a lot ofhealth and appearance issues, so be very attentive towards your own body, its capabilities and pain levels. You should know and feel what type of physical activity seems possible and safe to do at any specific point of your recovery process.

Warning signs

Even if you undergo your surgery at best breast augmentation clinic, you will have to go through different levels of pain and inflammation afterwards. Of course, they should only lessen as time passes. What’s more, implants are especially sensitive in the first weeks post-op, so if you feel continuous discomfort, pain and inflammation, not only should you avoid any form of exercise, but you should contact your doctor immediately.

Special diet plans, lifestyle changes and responsible engagement in physical activity can all speed up the recovery process, so make sure to discuss your best options with your doctor. Until the healing is complete, you should strictly follow the rules when it comes to movement. Being too impatient won’t do you any good if you have to risk new surgeries and corrections. Nothing can happen overnight, so relax and enjoy your journey.

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