Book Review: Autobiography of a New York City Salesman

My Parallel Life of Transformation through Conscious Evolution and Kundalini Energy

Spiritual journey books are fascinating to me because each person’s experience is unique to their personality and life circumstances. These kinds of writings can help people in their own journeys by inspiring or challenging them. Author Rich Mollura published his debut book “Autobiography of a New York City Salesman: My Parallel Life of Transformation through Conscious Evolution and Kundalini Energy”. The book is Mollura’s fascinating journey of spiritual transformation through Conscious Evolution and Kundalini Activation. Throughout his transformation, Mollura began regularly practicing yoga and martial arts.

It was from a young age that Mollura felt a void of emptiness inside that lured him to seek a deeper fulfillment of what life had to offer. In the early 1980s, Mollura undertook a transformational journey by the relentless force of Kundalini Energy and Conscious Evolution. Throughout his transformational journey, Mollura was simultaneously living an ordinary parallel life as a family man and a leading salesman to NYC businesses. He found that being a salesman offered the opportunity to work on himself psychologically. The job requires self-discipline and demands that one constantly be alert and willing to work in continually changing circumstances.

In his exploration, Mullora has deduced that there is an extraordinary and brilliant intelligence in life that is growing, evolving, and exploring existence through all creation. The aim is for each of us to embark on our own personal and unique exploration in order to contribute to “the body of Life itself.”

Mollura describes three practical tools to help you on your evolutionary journey. They are:

  1. Self Observation: this is about seeing yourself without the mental chatter that fills our inner consciousness.
  2. Neuralizing: we consciously interrupt our conditioned reactions to everyday events and circumstances and adopt a non-reaction state.
  3. Assimilation of new consciousness ad the energy of Kundalini: using this to access higher processes of the mind to blaze new pathways of perceiving and living life.

These three processes can get to the essence of human existence, that is that life and humanity enjoy and value most making new connections or experiencing new connections. Mullora summarizes his learning in the following statement: “If you cannot connect everything, you cannot connect anything rightly.”

I asked the author to expand on this statement, especially in light of the COVID pandemic when we seem so disconnected. Here is his answer:

Creation can be viewed as “making connections” – and the more things become connected rightly the greater the evolution. If the nerves in the nervous system did not connect in an orderly fashion we could not think, communicate, or live our lives which is a simple and obvious fact.

I view Conscious Evolution and the Evolution of Humanity as forging new and right connections. The fact that humanity tends to shun is that Life always evolves due to stress. It is only when challenged does growth occur in almost everything. The astonishing miracle of Life and Human evolution is that, when tested, extraordinary growth occurs.

When peering through the lens of history, Wars and Pandemics are not only real, but quite common. As always, stresses like these are extreme but they always inspire growth – the hard part is bearing the loss of life as a consequence – this is very difficult for all of us and many will fall to cynicism, hopelessness, fatigue, and discouragement.

Those who, as a result of the pandemic, take to themselves, take walks in nature, or start to value the wonder of life due to the extreme stress of the pandemic can in fact discover the greatest source of creation available to humanity – the ability to make connections via their own consciousness. To think more independently, to question existence and life in a way they never did before. Such survivors find new ways to interact with themselves and therefore with others. At first it feels like we cannot connect the way we used to but if you start connecting “rightly” – an entire universe opens. In my own life, I experienced this extraordinary growth not only in my own biology but in art, music, movies, comedy, theater, and relationships. Life itself explodes with creation when you tap into this wondrous universe of connections. Just feel in your- self the magic of being smiled at – that is the energy of a connection.

I understand that this is not easy but we all need to connect to the things that we naturally connect with to get started – it could be with a garden, a pet, a movie, a book, a relationship. Whatever gives one the most energy is where one must begin. Gravitate to the energy that feels good to you and start writing about it, think about, discuss it with yourself and others. Once the fire of creation starts in you it is unstoppable and you will find yourself on the other side of this pandemic with a brand new friend – yourself.

You might also take note of just how much creative energy is flowing on the planet right now – billions of new connections are being forged as we work together to figure this all out and get back to “normal”. Most of the entire world is engaged, arguing, fighting, helping, creating, etc. We are learning how to work from home, parent in new ways, teach children to be more independent, take risks we never thought we would. It goes on and on not to mention how the entire health and medical field is interconnecting, cooperating, reasoning, and moving faster than ever before.

My best and take heart in creation, it is what we all share as living things.

This was a book that I took in small chunks, digested the content, and then go back for more. Mollura has a fascinating story of his spiritual journey and lessons that all of us can learn.

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