Easy & Natural Ways for Your Family to Relax This Season

Happy family exercising with dumbbells at fitness studio

When people are deeply unhappy and stressed, they often underestimate how much they could use relaxation to their benefit. While international travel might be difficult to do within the next few months, there are ways to create opportunities to relax that don’t require a hammock on the beach. Consider some of the easy and natural ways for your family to relax this season.

1. Routine

When people watch the same television shows over and over again, there’s typically more to the story than just enjoy their favorite entertainment. For many people, there’s something extremely calming about knowing what’s going to happen next. It provides a sense of calm. Develop a daily routine for your family to alleviate any fears of anxiety about what’s going to happen next.

2. Exercise

Exercise is known to help the body release endorphins. Endorphins are considered the feel-good hormones. You don’t have to commit to a strenuous workout either. Take the entire family for a morning, mid-day or evening walk. By getting outside to enjoy some fresh air, this can do wonders for the mind. If it’s too cold outside, find a great YouTube channel that provides the workout you all are looking for. You can find anything from step aerobics and Pilates to Zumba or strength-training exercises for free.

3. Devotion/Meditation

The way you start your day can really set the tone for the way the rest of the day continues. By starting the day with some deep-breathing exercises, meditation or a devotional practice, it can help to encourage the mind and soul to put the best foot forward for the day. Listen to a quick motivational message or read a few pages out of an inspirational book. Give everyone a journal to write down three things they’re grateful for. As everyone takes a moment to really soak in all that’s happening and take a few deep breaths, it’s a lot easier to tackle whatever the day might bring without feeling ambushed.

4. Nutrition

If everyone is starting every day with sugar-filled box cereals, you’re already setting them up for a major crash later on. You don’t need to make gourmet meals every single morning. However, work on improving the nutritional value of the meals in order to support optimal health and relaxation. If your family loves strawberries and cream instant oatmeal, replace it with steel-cut oats, fresh strawberries and natural sweeteners.

Use supplements to your advantage as well. Find a great multivitamin for each member of the household and their needs. Gummy vitamins always go over well with children. In addition to a multi-vitamin, CBD softgels 900mg can be really helpful for anyone who suffers with anxiety, restlessness or stress. Consult your physician before you take any supplements.

5. Rest

When a toddler is cranky, chances are they either need a nap or an earlier bedtime. When it’s time to shift towards all-day schooling, individuals grow out of the habit of taking a nap during the day. However, a midday nap might be the most restorative practice for your family to cultivate. The nap might be as short as 30 minutes. It can be as long as two hours.

If napping is out of the question, quiet time and an earlier bedtime might be the necessity. When the body is at rest, it repairs itself. Don’t wait until you’re sick to prioritize rest. Get creative in the ways you squeeze rest into the daily rhythm for your family.

6. Calming Hobbies

If everyone is staring at screens for hours every single day, this can overstimulate the brain. Instead, encourage everyone to pick a hobby that they can work on for at least an hour each day. Puzzles, physical books and coloring are great options to consider. Turn on some classical or jazz music to softly play in the background. You’ll be amazed by the way this one activity can positively encourage creativity and relaxation.


As you and your family cultivate these practices, you’ll notice a shift in the way everyone feels and interacts with one another. It’s also good to remember that there’s nothing wrong with therapy or professional assistance during these times. As you all commit to navigating through the challenges of learning how to relax, you’ll find a happy medium that serves everyone (and yourself) well.

The image source is Envato.

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