On Wings Of Hope: Book Review

This book is an intertwining of two lives and two stories. It is the story of a woman named Lily struggling with cancer for nine years. And it is about her life coach, the author Dr Cynthia Lynch Bischoff, and her interactions with Lily in helping her become the best version of herself. The narrative demonstrates how we participate in each other’s lives in powerful, life-changing ways.

In her 22 years of helping thousands of people across the globe as a life coach and intuitive, Dr Bischoff found that no experience has remained with her quite like her years with Lily, and she felt compelled to share their story.

Dr Bischoff treated Lily for nine years – from the beginning of the cancer to the end in her passing. She became quite involved with Lily at every turn of her journey. In following and helping Lily, she discovered truths about herself. Lily explores deep questions on the meaning of existence and spirituality, that also impress upon Dr Bischoff. Their shared experience has affected both of them in significantly on their beliefs on the after-life.

I found the book intriguing on two levels. Firstly, it was the description of the journey of hope that Lily was on. When I was diagnosed with cancer, the immediate conclusion in my mind was death. Like Lily, my cancer sent me into a deep questioning of life, death, meaning, and purpose. It was therapeutic for me to read how similar cancer journeys are – although the outcomes may be different.

Secondly, it was fascinating to read the evolution of Dr Bischoff during Lily’s journey. We get a background as to what led her to become a life coach. Then we see her interaction with Lily and understand the deep passion she has in guiding others to greater life meaning and a deeper understanding of themselves.

With Lily’s death, Dr Bishchoff had this observation:

“…each of us is born into this world without awareness of what the journey may bring. And how we attempt to make sense of life’s incongruities, of life’s pain. I think of how Lily experienced such difficult lessons, yet how she triumphed with beauty and dignity. I remember her telling me that it wasn’t until she was no longer afraid of dying that she could allow herself to really live. Lily was indeed our teacher.”

Dr Bischoff expresses that she’s learned the following lesson from Lily; to be mindful, to practice moments of gratitude, and to value quiet time in which we can go inside and know our own hearts. For, it is in your own heart that you can come to truly know the world.

On Wings of Hope is available on Amazon

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