The Health Benefits Behind Microcurrent Therapy

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Microcurrent facial are an effective alternative to a facelift especially if you don’t want to undergo an invasive procedure. Beauty professionals often refer to this facial as a natural facelift and you’ll see the results of the treatment quickly. Here is some important information about microcurrent therapy that will help you decide if this facial is for you.

Microcurrent Facials – What Are They?

Microcurrent therapy is a often mentioned beauty trend. Microcurrent therapy has been around since the 1800s when it was used as a treatment for injured muscles and tissues. Microcurrent therapy was originally used to treat bone fractures. When a doctor noticed that the treatment was effective, more medical professionals started experimenting with microcurrent therapy as a facial treatment for beauty purposes.

When you get this type of facial, small electrical currents are delivered to the skin. Since our bodies create their own electrical current, the microcurrent mimics this to lift the skin and improve its appearance. Microcurrent facials also accelerate the healing process for your face by facilitating blood circulation.

How do Microcurrent Facials Work?

These facials are virtually painless and the process will be easy for you as the client/patient. During a microcurrent facial, your esthetician applies a gel to your face and uses two small metal prongs to give your face a series of electrical pulses. The prongs are communicating with each other to deliver electricity that stimulates the muscles in your face. This stimulation happens throughout the entire facial.

You may feel a small shock at the beginning of the facial and may feel that your skin is stimulated, but the facial shouldn’t hurt. It may feel as though you’re startled as if someone snuck up behind you and scared you. However, some people don’t feel any sensation at all. If you feel anything intense or start to feel pain or burning, make sure you let your esthetician know.

How Effective Are Microcurrent Facials?

The effectiveness of microcurrent facials is varies per individual. The facial can work well depending on the effects you want and your skin characteristics. For instance, if you have Bell’s palsy, the treatment could work well. However, individuals with this condition have weak facial muscles and sudden paralysis. This indicates that microcurrent therapy may not work well for everyone.

Talk to your medical spa attendant or esthetician about the effects of the facial before you receive your treatment so you’ll know what to expect. A consultation will also help you decide if microcurrent therapy will help to fix your skin concerns, or if you should choose another method so you won’t waste money on an ineffective facial procedure.

Benefits of Microcurrent Therapy

Microcurrent facials have several benefits if the procedure is ideal for your skin. As we get older, our skin starts to develop wrinkles and fine lines. Our skin also becomes less elastic with age and muscles beneath the surface of the skin begin to sag. Our skin can also become damaged over the years due to sun and weather exposure. Microcurrent therapy can repair all of these skin conditions.

The facial provides your face with energy by working out your muscles to make your skin firmer and get rid of wrinkles. This facial workout prompts your skin to produce more elastin and collagen — these are two essential proteins that give your skin a more youthful look. These facials sculpt the jaw and give more shape to the forehead and cheeks. The more you get microcurrent therapy facials, the more apparent the results will be.

You can also schedule a microcurrent facial to get rid of hyperpigmentation. If you have dark spots due to acne scarring or sun damage, you may want to think about a series of microcurrent therapy. While you’re balancing the pigment in your face, you’re lifting your face muscles, which is why people refer to the facial as a “natural facelift.”

You also don’t have to worry about recovery time when it comes to microcurrent therapy. You’ll notice results a few minutes after your initial treatment. Each time you get the facial, you’ll see that your skin is looking better and better. If this sounds like something you think would be helpful for you, talk to your skincare specialist about the best microcurrent facial package for you.

Contributed by Regina Thomas

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